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S04.E15: Secrets Revealed

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The "Summer House" crew continues to bring the heat in this never-before-seen footage from Season 4; from fiery flings to rocky relationships, the inside scoop on moments not seen this season.

Airs May 13, 2020.

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Hannah is one fuggly bitch .... those buck teeth and constant goofey look .... she thinks she’s sooooo hot but damn she needs glasses and the only reason guys are hitting on her is because she gives it up quick ... then there’s the sociopath Carl .. he’s dead on the inside and only cares about himself ... he’s a piece of shit and I wish someone would knock the shit out of him and bring him down a few pegs ... he thinks he’s better than everyone but if it wasn’t for Kyle dude would my unemployed .... Amanda is a piece of shit too .. always complaining and has those snob tendencies... Kyle should run cause there’s no way these to self absorbed d bags stay married ... she’s gonna take half of whatever he has and probably more since she quit her job cause she couldn’t do both of her make believe jobs ... all the these assholes are sociopaths.... 

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If Carl was sincere about being in recovery then I can give him grace for trying to get on the right path.  I’ve been there myself and I see how broken he is.  He has said from day #1 on the show he has major issues from his parents divorce and his brother’s legal problems.  He said he’s gone to treatment now, I’ll wait to see how it turns out.  

Hannah is still ugly.  Luke is still fake.  

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Didn't we see part of the discussion with Paige asking Hannah is she reciprocated and it was edited to look like she said no?  Now they show more of the conversation and know that she actually did. Were they trying to make Hannah look better?

Agree with those who suggest she needs a makeover.  Please start with her straggly hair and burn those pajama sets she wore EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.

Happy they alluded to there being some type of season 5 planned.

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I turned it off partway through. 

I found I didn't care about any of it.

These people need a summer away from the house to grow up a bit.  Everything they whinged about seems so pointless now.

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