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S10.E04: All's Fair in Glam and War

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After an awkward invitation, Lisa Rinna and Garcelle opt out of Teddi's fitness and wellness retreat, which is far from relaxing for the other ladies. Kyle and Erika question Dorit's all-about-me behavior. Denise is upset when her backyard dinner party takes an R-rated turn in front of her kids. The ladies are shocked when Kyle becomes inexplicably emotional.

Airdate: 05/06/2020

Spoiler warning:  Please do not talk about future storylines that have not yet occurred on the show even if they have been discussed in the press.  (i.e. why Denise stopped filming.)

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Geeze .. can Denise get thru one episode without talking about Aaron’s penis?  You know what they say about people who continue to talk about sex?  They’re not getting any!  She is so damn boring.

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13 minutes ago, TexasGal said:

Agree.  More pets, less kids.

I’m surprised Mauricio didn’t just go ahead and give Kyle a great big yawn while she was telling the Dorit story.  He did not care, and was not even pretending.

He was watching River being silly. More pets! Less kids!

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2 minutes ago, Mr. Miner said:

He was watching River being silly. More pets! Less kids!

You know what’s funny?  I can easily remember the names of Kyle’s dogs, but not her kids.

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2 minutes ago, Axie said:

I love how Denise is so concerned with what the kids can overhear when she says, “Can we just fucking wait until these kids are done eating?”

I was kind of surprised that she was so concerned about it since I highly doubt she filters herself when the cameras are off. I'm sure her kids have heard a lot from her. I guess maybe she was worried because their friends were there. Why she would invite random children to a RH filmed event is beyond me lol. 

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6 minutes ago, Mr. Miner said:

Did y’all know that Aaron has a big dick? 🍆

Maybe next episode she’ll tell us exactly how many inches.  Or bring a tape measure.

2 minutes ago, Axie said:

Where’s Harry Hamlin during all these couples dinners?

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha .. Canada?

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Sorry, Teddi.  I forgot the show was on and missed your retreat.  Didn't show up until Denise's dinner.

It was really strange that a table full of parents didn't give a shit about the topic of conversation when a bunch of kids were eating dinner a few feet away.  Even if their own kids are grown or not there, I'd think that enough would take a hint at some point to shut up the others.  I wonder how liquored up they were at that point. 

Kyle just encountered what happens when you go along with removing everyone's enemy/target from the show.  Kyle isn't the saint and good friend she pretends to be and Rinna/Teddi will find any opportunity to do unto others before they do unto them.

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6 minutes ago, DivaLasVegas82 said:

I get the feeling that he doesn't really want to be on the show. Same with Tom.

Mauricio loves the camera.  He even took his shirt off, haha.  Wait until Fredric Ecklund comes on.  Can’t wait.

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I was LoL when Lisa shouted "Paparazzi" in her scene with Amelia. It was only one or two cameramen out there, yet Lisa was acting like she was being followed by a herd of paparazzi. Like someone said, I think she either called them or her and Amelia went to a restaurant that she knows paparazzi hang out at. A lot of C and D List like Lisa celebrities go to paparazzi friendly places to get photographed.

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As for not wanting her children to hear the table conversation Denise knows that when these women drink they don't talk they scream. And the topic of converation is always sex, and the kinkier the better especially from Denise.  As for her children not watching the show her children are teens. Even if they don't watch the show with mom they have computers, smart phones and they watch as much as they want. They are probably not shocked at anything they heard from the adults. I think the reason Denise was freaked out was because there were other people's kids there. And she doesn't want the parents of these kids telling them they can't associate with her kids.  I would not want my teen hanging out at the Richards' house. But once she asked the women to tone it down they should have complied. They have no manners and no class. Would Kyle want her daughters hearing this? 

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1 hour ago, Legalbeagle421 said:

Let’s be real, Dorit just doesn’t want to be at the retreat. I do like this version of Sutton though. I hope her and Teddi maintain the civility. 

I didn't mind Sutton in this episode either. But that's probably because she wasn't featured very much.

I think all the women should have stayed home like Garcelle did. It's clear none of them wanted to be there...not that I blame them. The retreat looked super boring.

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Denise was so worried about what the kids might hear, you’d think their father was anyone but Charlie WhoBringsHookersToThanksgivingWithTheKids Sheen.

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Kyle really needed to back off Dorit. So what if she was late to an event where the host said over and over she didn't even care? Dorit did nothing to Kyle to deserve being picked apart like that. Leave her be! Her glam wasn't hurting anyone. Wasn't one of Kyle's issues with LVP the fact she thought LVP made her out to be a bad friend? Was that not what Kyle was doing to Dorit? Are "selfish" and "shallow" complimentary? And Dorit simply defended herself saying she had a life. Kyle took that as an attack on her, an implication she didn't have a life. She said that she needed to "retaliate." I didn't hear Dorit tell Kyle she didn't also have a life. Sheesh. There are lots of Kyle haters on here. I typically enjoy her, but she was not very nice this episode. I didn't like her comment about Denise's hair either. It was mean girl. 

Jagger is all kinds of adorable. 

I get Denise being concerned about what her kids and their friends hear, but she needs to ease up on her own TMI talk. When the host is AGAIN talking about her husband's ginormous penis at dinner, it's no surprise that everyone forgets there are kids nearby. 

Lisa's USC line was hilarious! 

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Teddi’s retreat seemed boring but who cares that Dorito was late. Get a life Kyle. 
I like Garcelle as a Mom, ‘you’re not getting anything Gucci’. 
Denise had my type of party, pizza and sundae bar. She was ridiculous about the conversation at the dinner table tho, especially when she constantly talks about her sex life and her husbands penis. 
Kyle has it out for Dorito this season and that’s ok with me because I can’t stand her or PK. 

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2 hours ago, Emmeline said:


I will also add that every makeup trend does not work on everyone.  Lisa’s bright magenta eyeshadow on the inner corners of her eyes in her TH looks hideous.

I have yet to find anyone for whom magenta eyeshadow enhances their beauty.

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One thing I didn't understand about the retreat. Dorito said that she wasn't going to the meditation part because she couldn't meditate for an hour and a half. But then Kyle and Erika didn't go either? But I guess Sutton did because they didn't show her in the suite with the other three? (Maybe they showed her at the meditation, I don't remember). So was a scene cut where Kyle and Erika decided not to go as well? 

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Will someone please explain what Kyle was saying about Denise at the dinner (when Denise got up from the table)?  She came across as a mean girl and it seemed totally unwarranted. I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

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4 minutes ago, RealHousewife said:

"This one, who's never worn anything but a ****ing mop top ponytail her whole life is all of a sudden like really, ragamuffin." Kyle didn't even feel bad about that because in her confessional she said that ragamuffin wasn't the nicest word, that she could have said worse. It was definitely mean girl. Denise is a beautiful woman. 

but what was in reference to....i came in late and it appears that statement came out of the blue...,,am i wrong?

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2 minutes ago, jaybird2 said:

but what was in reference to....i came in late and it appears that statement came out of the blue...,,am i wrong?

I think she was annoyed that Denise was defending Dorit. 

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I also found it odd when Dorit was talking about Edwin and Mauricio's cultural backgrounds and how that's bonded Kyle and Teddi. I'm pretty sure neither Mauricio nor Edwin has an accent of any sort. 🤷🏾‍♀️Weird comment from her lol. 

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