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The filmmakers speak about their individual journeys on the way to the director’s chair and take us inside the filmmaking process of The Mandalorian.

Dropping on Disney+ on Monday, May 4, 2020.

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Not too much in the first episode all about the directors. I mostly enjoyed the few behind the scenes clips that we saw. More of that, please! I had the closed captioning on, and I thought it was pretty deceiving that during the egg scene, where the actor dressed as Mando was talking to the director, the CC said it was Pedro talking, when I'm pretty sure it was Brandon. Definitely didn't sound like Pedro. Maybe the person doing the CC'ing just assumed.

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I really enjoyed the whole episode, and look forward to the remaining 7 episodes.  I mean, obviously I didn't like it as much as I like the actual Mandalorian series, but it kept me entertained from start to finish.   Considering how infrequently Pedro Pascal was on the set during production of Season 1, I'm glad that they managed to throw in a little clip of him talking about Dave Filoni.  (I know that Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder dos Santos were the ones who were usually in the Mando armor in Season 1, but Pedro is the one I associate more with playing Mando/Din Djarin because of his voice -- much like James Earl Jones is the one I associate with Darth Vader, even though I know James was not the one physically in Vader's costume.)

I think that the directors are likable and/or interesting, and they each came to this project from different types of working backgrounds, as well as put their own individual stamps on the episodes they directed.  While some people didn't like Chapter 4, I think that Bryce did a good job with it, seeing that she does not have extensive directing experience and anything Star Wars-related must be very challenging to take on as a new-ish director because of all that goes into creating each scene.

I don't think that's the last we will see of the directors talking.  I think we will see little tidbits of them commenting on certain things interspersed with other footage, but I guess this episode was meant to introduce everyone to them (if they didn't already know who they were) and make them the focus.

I liked Dave's story of thinking that those wacky SpongeBob guys were essentially pulling a prank on him when he got the call from Lucasfilm Animation years ago!  lol

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