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S10.E19: Family Secrets

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On 5/26/2020 at 1:38 PM, becauseIsaidso said:

First, last, and only time I will ever post for this show.

It's been a long time coming - because I just didn't want to believe such things are still enjoying such immense popularity.

It has proven to be an ultra-right-wing-female-hating-platform instead of the pure and simple crime drama I had hope it would be.

I loved NYPD Blue (the struggles, triumphs and losses of Andy Sipowicz were beautifully done), I loved Hill Street Blues (just goes to show how old I am) but I can not and will not any longer tolerate the misogynistic,/patriarchal and racist-but-lets-pretend-we-are-not-racist basis of Blue Bloods.

I hate Henry most of all -not because I can see where he is the product of his/my generation where women were objects, expected to be subservient even when they dared to show their brains and self-sufficiency, but rather because he is portrayed as a former PC who fully engaged in such hatefull behaviors and tactics without ANY remorse whatever.

I hate Danny the Neanderthal who lives to bully his wife/sister/niece/NYPD partner at every available opportunity and is both supported and justified by the scriptwriters and his on screen family.

I hate Frank for having NEVER learned that women are equal human creatures, nor having the balls to say so if he (by some miracle)actually did.

I hate that part of Erin who continually excuses/validates/tolerates every humiliation/imposition she suffers from the ever-so-perfect&imposing/harrssing-Danny/Jamie/Henry. She is clearly self-sufficient and needn't tolerate it, but written so spinelessly that she does.

I fear for what will happen to Nicki under the influence of such a 'clan' of 'loving' uncles/grandpa/greatgrandpa. I think she doesn't stand a chance.

I haven't a care to spare for Danny's sons, as they have 3 generations of father-figures just waiting to validate every testosterone driven moment they have.

Too bad - this could have been as great a show as the others, but will just go on the junk heap with all the other commercial drivel.

And, yes, I do know that BB and its ilk really are the current mind set vis a vis the attitudes toward men and women - more's the pity.

Apparently we are watching two different shows!

Not that BB is up to the standards of previous seasons, but I really don't see it as that horrible.

On 5/2/2020 at 2:02 PM, Artsda said:

The Regans aren't a mob family or something. Joe's ex keeping the baby a secret from him who comes from a family that's loving, catholic and has money not asking them to be there in his growing up life didn't make any sense. Especially when she named the child Joe after him. 

ITA!  She didn't have to marry Joe if she had revealed she was pregnant, but keeping him and the other Reagans out of his life was plain wrong.  

On 5/6/2020 at 2:13 PM, iwasish said:

Frank’s still got that Catholic upbringing, more so than any of his kids, I’m guessing he still had to cringe at the thought of his son having an illegitimate child.

I don't think so.  If The Reagans had known about Joe, Jr. at the time of the pregnancy, I can still see them embracing him and even being open to his (prissy) mother.  I can see Frank being disappointed that it happened outside of marriage, but not to the point of cringe.  After all, Frank wasn't cringing about Erin getting divorced from Jack.  

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