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S09.E07: Best of Auditions

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I don't get it. Are they TRYING to drive the audience away? A hiatus because you have other programming you need or want to show is one thing. Just delaying for the sake of delaying is ...odd. And annoying.

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It is strange.  It was bad enough when they were running repeats 2x/week for a couple of weeks, but this was just ???  Some of the backstage stuff was mildly interesting, but not enough of it to justify 2 hours.  I kept hanging in there because I had thought they were going to start announcing some of the finalists, but it was not to be.  That's 2 hours of my life I won't get back. 

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I tuned in a little late and the first thing I saw was a closeup of the robotic little blond girl with the big family. That was enough for me to switch the channel. I remember that act and they weren't a "best of"; they just had the family angle going for them.

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Are one of the judges ill or is there some kind of problem? This is totally ridiculous and I've lost all interest in coming back when and if they do an actual "new" show. When I saw it was a "best of", I turned the channel immediately. Unreal.

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Another brilliant idea by NBC to squeeze every penny they can out of their shows. They did the same thing with Last Comic Standing. There was a Sunday night "special" that showed the top 50 jokes so far along with some behind the scene stuff. Less than a week later, instead of the regular program they had a showcase of the top 100 jokes so far.

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My mom had it on, and I didn't bother to tell her it was a "best of" episode because she doesn't watch every week so hadn't seen all the acts anyway. But after a couple in a row were familiar to her, she asked if it was a rerun and I told her. She doesn't even watch the show regularly and she was pissed, especially cuz she said they had promoting it like it was going to be Vegas Week (or Judgement Week, I guess it's called now).


I did pay attention to the sneak peek of Judgement week. So I guess it looks like only four acts will be sent straight through and everyone else has to perform again. That sounds pretty fair to me. I like this round because the judges are pretty much forced to cut the shit and admit that people really aren't that great.


If we're still floating theories as to why so many reruns...I follow Mel B on Instagram and she's going to be a judge on this season of the UK X Factor, and they're filming audition rounds right now. Maybe her schedules conflicted? I guess the AGT contracts allow for conflicting gigs if the other show is produced by Syco?

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Does anyone listen to Howard Stern's radio show? Just curious if he's said anything. I remember back in the day when I used to listen to him, if a show he liked was doing this, I'm sure he would be going off on the producers and the network for pulling this stunt every week. But the way he is now, he isn't going to bite the hand that feeds him. These tactics really make you lose interest.

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I'm glad I didn't tuned in, someone told me it was a recap show so I passed on it..

My guess is they didn't want to compete against the all star game?

See you next week..

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