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S40.E12: Friendly Fire LIVE CHAT

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Alliances may crumble after a tribal blindside. An undercover operation escalates to new heights. Those on the Edge of Extinction get another brutal challenge.

Original airdate 4/29/20

This is your LIVE CHAT topic 

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1 minute ago, CletusMusashi said:

Please let that mean Tony uses his Cop-ladder to build a new Cop-cave on top of a tree.

That’s “Spy Shack.” Also, he likes the term “man-panties.”

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1 minute ago, Lady Calypso said:

Kim telling Ben is probably a bad move. 100 bucks says that Ben warns Tony so that Tony uses his idol.

Yeah, especially since he knows Tony has the HII.  

Michele says they've been left out of the loop and made fools of.  I'm confused.  Has Tony been driving these votes all this time?  Maybe everyone should have banded together earlier.  Or not voted Tyson out (though I'm happy they did).  Michele's also siding with the group that wrote her name down in a split vote in the last vote.

Just now, Lady Calypso said:

At least we know the feeling's mutual. Jeremy's pissed that Ben is still there as well.

There was a screen shot posted on Reddit of a glare-down between Ben and Jeremy at last weeks TC (and I think one other one).  I want to see those two and Adam locked in the Big Brother house for 3 months.  Feeds gold!

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Just now, Lady Calypso said:

Oh yay, more Edge of Extinction.

And a challenge segment, to boot.

Hey, as long as we focus on maybe more Yul or Ethan or Danni, I'd be happy.

So of course we're going to focus on Rob... *eyeroll*

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4 minutes ago, Lady Calypso said:

So, we get a very early target segment with Tony and everyone is seen...but Nick. Seriously, Nick isn't even shown to be AROUND.

After his meltdown with his edit, maybe that's a good thing.  

Though I totally understand where he's coming from with that.


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