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Star Trek: Time Travel

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I wasn't sure if this would on it's own list or go on the other Star Trek one. Is it one page per show? If that's the case if this can be moved under theirs that would be great. Anyhow my pick for the best time travel episodes but there are many more including Enterprise (too tied to the plot) and Discovery (which I never saw) which I'm not including.


City on the Edge of Forever (obviously)

All Our Yesterdays (A season 3 episode that is actually really good)

the Voyage Home (the movie with the Whales 😉 )


Time Arrow (both parts obviously)

Timescape (This one may not count but it does have the crew at different time rates) or Cause and Effect (which maybe count less but such a good one)

First contact (borg 😉 )


Past Tense (two parter)

Little Green Men

Trials and Tribble-ation


Future's end (two parter)






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I'm glad you included TNG's "Cause and Effect".  It's my all time favorite TNG episode.  "All hands abandon ship!"

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