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Outer Banks

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A lot of action scenes and running around islands this season, it was crazy but I enjoy it. A lot of funny, one-liners, stupid (JJ's plans).  LOL

I was annoyed Big JB suddenly was alive when they had found his body before. After he started murdering people on the boat/jetski scene I figured he wasn't going to last, JB looked horrified and now his father and Ward were the same.  So both die in the same place and buried practically together fits. 

Singh was a pretty good villan.  

When Topper helped them with the train heist and Sarah was partying with him and her old friends, she was kissing him.  I did think that's where she should stay. I felt bad for Topper she used and lied to him over multiple episodes when he was being good to her. He deserved better from her.

Speaking of the train heist,  JJ made that jump off the bridge  with no scratch or hurt when the bike broke into pieces made no sense. lol

18 months is a big jump, would have liked to see at least a montage of all the buying with the gold. JB said he has a surf shop.  Shouldn't JB have had  warrant out for his arrest when they came back to OBX?  JJ bought a boat, Rafe is where?  What did Kie say to her parents when she first saw them again after what they did to her having her carted off like a criminal and locked up? The fact they are just sitting in front row clapping and cheering was ridiculous. Pope's parents sure, they supported it and let him go, but not her parents.

The show missed a lot they could have shown instead of a jump. 


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Did anyone notice in episode 10 that they used the handprint trick from the OG Roswell to open up the cave to El Dorado?  It was literally the same mechanism to open the cave as Max, Michael and Isabel used to open the pod chamber. 

Now I’m wondering if any of the writers worked on Roswell too because the whole gang feels a lot like the pod squad. Even the couples are similar. The Romeo and Juliet star crossed lovers in Sarah and John B, to the very Michael & Maria dynamic to JJ and Kiara. Even Sarah’s ex feels like Kyle.

Anyway - really enjoyed this season. Even though I know the show isn’t actually filmed in OBX, it’s still fun to hear my hometown pop up in the dialogue. It’s still fun to pretend it’s the OBX even if it’s Charleston. But I can definitely tell it’s not the OBX.

I loved this season - JJ and Kie were so cute finally coming together. Sarah and John B had challenges and I still don’t know what “hooking up” fully entails (even that reeks of OG Roswell) but still happy how things landed. 

Now Sarah just needs to fight her brother to get that gold back and to take over her dad’s business. And send Rafe to jail where he belongs. 

So happy for JJ though. I wonder if they could find an expedition to go back to El Dorado and get the rest of the gold? They discovered it. 🤷🏽‍♀️ They know where it is still. I would think it’d be smarter to go back to get it all than be at risk of being held hostage to go back by others?

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On 3/6/2023 at 10:48 AM, MaggieG said:

I love this ridiculous, bonkers show. It's so much fun. I like that all the characters got a chance to shine this season. I wish we had a little more time with them on the island.

Given that the last episode had an 18 month time jump, they all should be over 18 at this point so CPS wouldn't get involved. John B mentioned that he and Sarah owned a surf shop and JJ got a charter boat. Pope was going to college. I assume after they made it back from Venezuela they told whoever exactly where to find the gold. Maybe there was an excavation done. And I guess now they're just full on treasure hunters?? People are coming to them with pirate journals. Blackbeard?! I love it 😂 Basically the first three seasons were just a prequel to how the Pogues became the worlds best at finding lost treasure. 

The show is ridiculous but it's fun to watch. I'd much rather watch this than something depressing. And it's really popular (according to Netflix, it was viewed more than 154 million hours in the first 4 days of season 3's release) so they're going to keep it going as long as they can. I think the creator said they have a 5 season plan. 

I LOVE this show and am mad that Netflix didn’t surface it for me in the app. I had no idea it was out and just now watched it. I watched S&B before this because I didn’t see it was out. WTF Netflix?

Also - did they go back to excavate the rest of El Dorado? It’s unclear if all they got was the gold they had. I hope they did - but no way would. Surf shop, charter, etc be all they had. They’d have to be living full on kook in some massive houses there?

Being from this area of NC - my parents live like 40 mins from the beach - the concept of kooks and pogues is a totally real thing even if we don’t use those terms. The class divisions are so extreme. I didn’t grow up there and moved from a much larger urban city. The class distinctions are deep, real and enduring. People still exhibit the scars from them and the mindsets of them even after they go off to college and make something of themselves. 

I always felt like Kiara in real life. Kinda trapped in between two worlds. 

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On 3/21/2023 at 1:32 PM, phoenics said:

Being from this area of NC - my parents live like 40 mins from the beach...

Have you ever taken the ferry from the Outer Banks to Chapel Hill?  :)

(I live in Chapel Hill, so that will never not be funny to me)

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On 3/23/2023 at 9:05 PM, ICantDoThatDave said:

Have you ever taken the ferry from the Outer Banks to Chapel Hill?  :)

(I live in Chapel Hill, so that will never not be funny to me)

Hahahah!! I laughed so hard at that foolishness.

Like, how sway?

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On 5/19/2020 at 7:05 AM, amsel said:

Unless there is a John A or John F, there is no need to say John B every 10 seconds. 

Hahaha! My son and I were complaining about this. Does Sarah sigh, “Oh, John B….” when they’re intimate?

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