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Which game(s) should be adapted for TV?

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Of the shows listed, I would go with Mass Effect. I would also add Dragon Age for similar reasons. 

But I think the easiest one to do would be X Com. Straight forward premise. Aliens have invaded earth. People don't have to slog through a backstory. Humanity (at least some of them) fights to save the human race. Lots of boom boom action, lots of team bonding (and loss). 

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Mass Effect and Dragon Age would be much better as big budget TV shows than as movies. The characters and worlds need space and time to grow.

X-Com would definitely work well, as an action/suspense show. You could even use the whole first season as set up - 'are aliens among us? What do they want?' before getting into the actual invasion stuff.

Something like Beyond Good and Evil has the perfect plot for a TV show (although perhaps without the anthropomorphic animals).

Borderlands would work really well, as an irreverent, violent, politically incorrect streaming show. The protagonists are blank slates, while the villains and side characters are strongly established, which seems like a good blueprint.

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Agree that both Mass Effect and Dragon Age would work as big budgeted television shows.  They certainly have enough content and lore for it, but they can also have the time, instead of trying to cram everything into a two hour movie or so.  Definitely would have to be on something like HBO or streaming, because, again, the budget would have to be pretty big, I imagine.

Just finished The Outer Worlds, and I feel like that could actually work as a "sci-fi comedy."  Cast a few comedians and maybe some dramatic actors to play things straight during the wackiness, and watch The Unreliable gang as they take on the Board and mess things up: for good and bad!

Red Dead Redemption 2 (and the first one, if that does well) could work too.  I usually avoid fantasy casting, but if it ever happened, I would vote for Jon Bernthal as Arthur Morgan.  Maybe someone like Russell Crowe to ham it up as Dutch van der Linde.

Finally, while it has been a failure on film, I feel like the Hitman franchise would actually work as a episodic show, where each week, Agent 47 is assigned a specific target, and the episode is devoted to watching how he pulls it off.  Basically like Leverage, only instead of heists, it's assassinations and murder!


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