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S01.E04: In A Sticky Spot

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Right? The majority of the country is under lockdown and instead of airing a new show, they decide to show the Harry Potter movies for the 100th time in the last two months. Nothing against Harry Potter, but still. 

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On one hand, I am seeing the promo fairly often during the Battlestar marathon this week.  However, A) it’s not like they have much (or anything?) else new to promote right now, and B) Thursday at 11/10pm absolutely feels like a burial spot.  We’ll have to see how the rest of the season goes- but I really can’t imagine the network has much hope left for this show.

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Why do they keep killing off their most interesting characters, now the tentacle monster (Clive) and probably Ka-Blue-y (Ihred) is dead. Right after Elida says that she doesn't leave anyone behind. There was a lot of action this episode.

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Ack! Don't tell me they killed off Ihred after I declared her my favorite just the other day?!? That said I looked at her this episode and thought 'That's a lot of hours in the make-up chair for a secondary character' 🙁

Yes, to the use of color in this show! And I really liked the little space bunny at the end - unnecessary but cute. (Which means it will probably turn into fire-breathing venomous carnivore next episode.)

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