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What are your thoughts?

I've been watching this since the beginning

Brooke Burns is coming back to Game Show Network. The actress and presenter has replaced Sherri Shepherd as host of Master Minds, an update to the network’s previous attempt Best Ever Trivia Show. 

I really never cared much for "Best Ever Trivia Show" because of the way the stage was set up for the "masterminds" like Jennings.  Each one sat in the hot seat during a round, and all the moving around, to me, just wasted time and I lost focus watching it

This new U,S, version is much cleaner.  The 3 amateur contestants are seated to the left with Brooke in the middle and the 3 professional master minds are seated behind a three desk set identical to the 3 contestants,

Brooke talks really fast especially during the last two rounds,  But I guess that adds to the excitement.

Check it out and see what you think191203-MasterMinds.thumb.jpg.25e063f384d6d9fcea47a10f4547c5fe.jpg


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I like this version much more than the original and I love Brooke!(How the heck does she walk in those high heels?)

Since I stopped watching The Chase, I didn't realize that this show had reinvented it self. Boy some of the questions are really hard...stumping even the Master Minds. Try it sometime just to pick up some interesting trivia! For example, "What state has two panhandles?" I record it so I can watch it in no time!

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Does anyone know if or when this show will be airing new episodes? I read that Mark Labbett was joining the panel, but that seems quite a while back, then nothing.

ETA: And, yesterday, I saw a commercial for Slotomania on GSN featuring ML standing on the MasterMinds set, soooo... Where are the eps, GSN?

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