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S08.E16: Leneatha's Story LIVE CHAT

Message added by PrincessPurrsALot

Leneatha represents only Leneatha. Do not extrapolate from her to others of her race, class, gender or any other category.

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Leneatha has a young daughter to support, but she's so big that it's had to move. If Dr. Now can't help her stop eating, losing her job could be the least of her worries.

This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  It will be open during the US East Coast and West Coast showings. 

Original air date 2020.04.15

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Evening folks! Hope everyone is doing well.  

Tonight's eating habit: scrambled eggs, toast, and ginger beer. Which is the most I've eaten all day. Turns out being home all day for weeks makes me lose weight cuz I don't eat. People have been joking about gaining the Covid 19 (pounds)...apparently I'm on my way to losing them. (Which in itself isn't the worst thing in the world, but this probably isn't the way I should do it....) Oh, well. Let's do this.

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Oh! Open early this evening.  Thanks PrincessPurrsALot!

Tonight's eating habit was some roasted pork loin, and then some fruit, granola and vanilla yogurt. 

I hope it's a good one tonight! We earned it after last week 

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Hey how y'all doin' what brings you here? I'm about to go insane after over a month locked up. I started sniffing at the crack of the patio door like my cat does when he remembers there's a whole world besides Inside. 


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HI Pounders! I'm here for about half an hour, have a fun Zoom hobby group meeting on the schedule. I see that this journey will be 9 months according to the opening screens.

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Hey, Pounders!

My eating habit is homemade egg drop soup tonight.

As of last week, I'd gotten up to 163 from 153 after losing 40 lbs over the last year...I've beaten the carbs into the ground, and am down to 160 today!!

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Hi All!

Eating habit today will be homemade chili, it needs another hour or so on the stove - I forgot to get it ready early enough...  And homemade bread pudding, because I messed up dough and had to make bread pudding to save it.  

Let's hope this one will be a good one!

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When it's been 4 minutes since your last snack, you are missing interacting with people...anybody who isn't frequenting the grocery store...


and you have to think about your eating habit:  chicken...and another snack!

Well on my way to my very own M600PL episode (no matter that I would need to gain about 460 pounds to make it happen).  #Goals...somebody pass me the bon bons...

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Because arithmetic should be mastered, at this age!
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2 minutes ago, Pepper Mostly said:

I had a chicken sandwich on my own home baked bread. And two double chocolate espresso cookies, also home baked. Working from home leaves me a lot of time to bake. and eat. 

Oh I feel you on the baking disorder. I've taken to trying to perfect puff pastry...from scratch and dear god its good.

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Leneatha, from Meridian, MS.   40 years old.   I feel so sorry for her already.   Dr. Now's program is her last hope, because even without finding her other health issues, I doubt she has much longer.    She is one that really needs to try, and succeed with Dr. Now's program.   Her little girl is so adorable!    

I hope she's a success.        

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I may regret this later, but our obesee has a job and takes care of her baby. Props.

I don't know much about asthma - do  most kids w/it need oxygen before they leave the house?

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