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On 5/2/2021 at 5:12 PM, JenMcSnark said:

Someone posted on Reddit that Mykelti had a "live" on Friday and someone asked her about Christine moving to Utah.  Mykelti replied (paraphrasing the paraphrased Reddit post) 'Nope, she's not moving.  She's staying with Dad and the wives.'

I do love that Mykelti seemingly has a blurt out gene..Kody is probably having a breakdown she’s ruining storyline 35785477...tell it all, Mykelti, tell it all!  😂  I don’t believe any of these people are really leaving until every last penny is squeezed out of this show and honestly I don’t even see any of them truly leaving even after that.  I guess I have my own speculative notion on how the next season/ending will play out.

 I’m not saying they’ll be “together”, but I think Janelle does not care enough to require anymore than she already gets.  She will visit Maddie and occasionally go “camping” with Kody.  Meri will continue to post livingmywhy musings and stay, if nothing else, to spite Kody. She’s supposedly miserable, so if she can ran raise Kody’s blood pressure 20 or 30 points, why not?  Occasionally, she will shill rags and Rice Krispies treats.  Otherwise, she will spend time with one of the most respectable Browns, Mosby.

Christine is busy reading romance novels accordIng to IG, maybe she’ll get around to the the lackluster “Almost Meri’ed”  and write her own novel about a lady that meets a non-bastard of a man, who preferably is not drowningk in debt.  She can have the storybook couple trek back and forth from Arizona to Utah while having a g-rated friendship that consists of bad singingk and tater tot casseroles.  

I picture Robyn wiping her eye boogers, while lethargically complaining about not receiving a refund from Revise Your Finances Family Portraits’ customer service. Meanwhile, Kody will be vibrating in the fetal position while surrounded by a pile of half-crushed empty toilet paper rolls, he’s being forced to use as curlers. He still has 4 wives and 18 kids.  Nobody listens to him and he gets zero sleep because little Aerosal Can is swinging from the rafters and if she’s not sleeping why should they?  

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On 5/2/2021 at 10:46 PM, Quickbeam said:

I thought Kody didn’t care about Ysabel because he can’t stand Christine. It’s painfully obvious. It’s like he cringes every time she’s near him.

He did say that he took out his frustration with (aka hate for) Christine on Ysabel in their talk about her scoliosis surgery.  That was his only or most significant regret and takeaway from that horrific scene.

Also, Ysabel is a later daughter with his least-favorite wife, so Kody would never value her.  He reveres Aspyn as the sweetest; he and Christine classified Mykelti as the difficult wild child, and Truely is his nemesis.  Gwen might receive occasional acknowledgment, but only because Kody's jamming her in with AuroraBreanna as a triplet or an after-thought.

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1 hour ago, Grifter Lives said:

 Gwen might receive occasional acknowledgment, but only because Kody's jamming her in with AuroraBreanna as a triplet or an after-thought.

The season we just viewed was filmed before Gwen came out with her defiant public statements regarding her sexual orientation.  I think the term she used was "raging bisexual".  I can imagine there was acknowledgment of her when he heard about that.  He may even have applauded her announcement in the hope of adding another demographic to the viewing audience.

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