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S04.E09: Should've Known Better

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On 4/24/2020 at 9:39 PM, Spike said:

She feels she can’t compete with the D.

And I think Stephanie feels this way because she’s far closer to 0 than 6 on the Kinsey scale so she assumes Erica is too. Also I think Stephanie just doesn’t like Erica that much!

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On 4/20/2020 at 12:14 PM, RealReality said:

For a long time, I honestly thought that Netflix and chill meant you hung out with someone and watched "grace and Frankie" or "orange is the new black" over a bowl of popcorn.  

So did I. I always wondered why my kidults would scowl and say, “Eww!”

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Avery, I don’t know how much more you need to interrogate Ash. I mean, before you face to faced with Ash you had already broken up 3 times. Now you find yourself constantly arguing and interrogating the guy. This relationship sucks! Just go home! It’s not gonna work. 
ETA: My 3 year old granddaughter was playing nearby while Darcy was spilling out of beige tank top. I was embarrassed. 

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Stephanie. Can I just say....having control issues has nothing to do with having an illness....

If anything, having a chronic illness has made me more tolerant about not being able to control my environment. 

I don't flash it around among my contacts (most of them have no idea what my autoimmune thing involves except  that i sometimes can't travel or go to social events) and people like stephanie make it harder for everyone else who is living with disabilities to be taken seriously.

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On 4/17/2020 at 4:42 PM, mamadrama said:



You just reminded me of a zillion years ago when I studied abroad in Madrid and lived with a family. My "senora" made us hot chocolate, which was basically melting a block of chocolate with some other things, and homemade churros. Dunk the churro into the hot chocolate and it's a warm, delicious icing. 

OMGosh, I need to go to there. 

giphy-Liz Lemon.gif

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Corrected quote.
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