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S02.E20: Welcome to the Standoff

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I thought this episode was fun. 

I loved the giant moose head and how scared the women were of it. And the dolls cracked me up. Eleanor was super creepy and I laughed at how veteran Dave, who went to war, was terrified of her, heh. 

Malcolm and his reactions to his parents continue to amuse me. 

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Az this point it's a pretty good running gag how much shade Gemma always throws at her extended family, the part about the "tacky lamp" was my favorite. 

The little moment where Grover was okay with Gemma and Dave talking for any length of time as long as he could eat ice cream was adorable. 🧡

I saw the twist with Tina coming a mile away but it's nice that both Calvin and Tina get to feel like they are in control in the relationship.

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I am a bit bummed there was no Marty this week, especially since this appears to be the last episode for awhile due to Covid-19. I like this show and it makes me happy so I'm bummed about no new episodes. At least they ended on a fun note.  I wouldn't mind if they replayed all of Season 1 since I've only seen a handful of episodes. 

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