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Best Moments In Modern Family

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Phil's wraparound minivan sticker that pictured him with his whole family, and a real estate slogan that read "I can't be satisfied until you're satisfied.  Let me make your dreams come true."  But once it was wrapped around the minivan, one side of the van said "I can't be satisfied." next to a photo of Claire, and the other side said "Let me make your dreams come true" next to a photo of Hailey.  

A perfect visual gag.

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One of my favorite moments that still tears me up is when Jay tells Mitchell that he wants to walk him down the aisle and Mitchell puts his head on Jay's shoulder.

That moment was building over the years from the pilot where he learn the strain in their relationship to the episode when Mitch lied about Shorty being gay and he hear about when he came out to Jay to the blow up just before the wedding between Jay and Mitchell about the big gay wedding.

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When Haley breaks up with Dylan the first time, or one of the times, and Haley is talking about how hurt she was.  Phil tells her, paraphrasing, that is how you know it was a relationship worth having. 

After Haley is kicked arrested and Phil and Claire drive up there to help her, Phil, in the way only he can at least, tells Haley how upset with her and how she is acting in her dorm room.  Then Claire says, "We are going to buy that man some waffles!!" 

Two episodes, pretty much the whole script :  Las Vegas,  when the kids walk in on Phil and Claire having sex and the one where Phil finds out Haley is no longer a virgin.  Especially when Phil says "DOn't be mad at her, your wife is the one that was offering up her cupcakes!"

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LIly after Sal's wedding.

Sal: Sorry you couldn't come to the wedding, it was no kids. 

Lily: I'll come to your next one. 

Mitchell: Um, she means when you have kids

Lily: She knows what I mean. 

Sal: I don't like you. 

Lily: I'll get over it.

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