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Motherland Quotes

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Berryessa: What was it the church used to say about us? That we met on hilltops on dark nights and kissed the ass of a large hairy man and he gave us whatever we wanted? And Mr. Hairy Ass's greatest gift to us witches, so said the priests, so lied the priests, was flight itself. I have some great news, soldiers. No one needs to kiss any ass to fly anymore!

Tally: Why can't I find anything today?
Abigail: Because you're disorganized?

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Anacostia: I'm going to need the two of you to come back so you can continue to frustrate me and age me prematurely.

Alder: How are we any different from the Spree if we just puppet whoever gets in the way?

Abigail: I love you, shitbird.

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Alder: I'm sorry.
Petra: You're more than that. You're reckless and vain and out of control.

Raelle: You know, if you keep calling me shitbird every two seconds, it's not going to be special anymore and I really want it to be special.

Tally: You guys are alive! I thought you were dead.
Abigail: We thought you were old.

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