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90DF Live Chat 2: This Thread is Only 60% Good

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Just now, kacesq said:

No one needs to know the two of you fucked in the plane bathroom. It’s not cute or sexy. 

Who did? I’m missing the show trying to keep with chat and doing a bad job.

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I too love Call the Midwife.

Warning,,If you follow me on Twitter I am pretty political. It willl be obvious which  way but I wont violate rules to explain here.

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Does Geoffrey think that was charming, picking flowers on the roadside? What an ass. At the very least, bringing chocolates, nice cookies, wine, a scarf...holy cripes! But I guess this shouldn't be a surprise. When you possess such a winning personality as Geoffrey, gifts aren't necessary. He's the gift. 

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6 minutes ago, Gobi said:
9 minutes ago, Angry Moldovan said:

His nose looks erect

Is that chapstick in his pocket, or is he just happy to see her?

Maybe Ed’s neck will get erect. (He can only hope...)

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