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S03.E03: Survivor

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Ryn seeks help only to learn the secret existence of her unborn child. Ben sets out on a dangerous path to help his mother. Xander tries to establish himself in his new career. Helen consults with Eliza to help contact Sarge.

Original airdate: 4/9/20

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I hated the conversation that Ben and his father had about Elaine's treatment. Stop treating her like a silly child. She is an adult so just tell her the truth and let HER decide for herself. I can't stand that they both feel that it's their place to keep information from her and to make medical decisions for her.

And seriously, Ben? You've been treating your mother with mermaid stem cells and it never occurred to you that there might be some mermaidy side effects? When he went to dig up the mermaid bodies, I thought it would be to harvest more stem cells for his mom but nope, apparently he wants to try it out for himself. Seems kind of selfish to waste that precious and limited resource on wannabe superhero syndrome.

The Tia storyline bores me.

I was all for creepy Brian getting knocked out. I guess this season is going to be about Ryn trying to get her baby back (and somehow that will prove to Tia and the other tribes that Ryn is the future of their people).

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Ryns baby is alive! Hopefully finding ways to get their birth rates up will be a better plan to keep the mermaids going than deciding to go to war with the land dwellers. A plan I see going badly for pretty much everyone involved. 

Ben and his dad really need to clue his mom in about her medical treatment. Now that they both know, there isn't even really any point in not telling her. Yeah its hard to just toss out "oh that great treatment we found for you? Its mermaids!" to a person, but she would probably buy it pretty quickly. Its her medical treatment, she has the right to know. 

Oh Maddie, I get that you feel weird about Ben because of the reporter thing, but getting flirty with the first floppy haired environmentalist you meet wont solve your relationship problems! Having an affair when your dating two people together already just seems like so much work! 

Elaine and Ben talking talking Maddie and Ryn and their relationship was funny. "...do you?" 

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I'm sorry but Maddie didn't break it off with Ben AND Run...she only said she was unsure of where she was with Ben...so this potential relationship she is starting is ridiculous and Ben should be a lot more angry than he is.

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