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I like the slow pace. This is one of those shows that forces you to slow your metaobilsm.

This kind of broke my barin. Did Loretta come from a parellel universe? How can both Loretta's exist in the same time? Where would Little Loretta spend her years cathcing up to Adult Loretta?

Maybe we aren't suppose to take this literally. 

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So, if I am reading this right, little Loretta somehow ended up in the future (because of the weird science that is affecting the area due to the Loop) where she met her future son and future her, while looking for her mom who disappeared after an experiment gone wrong. Adult Loretta realized what was happening because she remembers this happening as a kid herself, and she tells Little Loretta that she never finds out what happened to her mom, and that Adult Loretta has spent much of her adult life trying to figure out what happened to her mom, which sadly led to her making the same mistakes her mom did, not paying attention to her kids and becoming consumed with the quest for knowledge, and Little Loretta gives Adult Loretta a guilt trip about being a better parent, and then Little Loretta goes back in time because of...science. Maybe its tied into the experiment her mom did? Then I guess eventually Little Loretta will become Adult Loretta and it will all start all over again, but now hopefully Adult Loretta will have learned from her moms mistakes. 

Yeah I dont know what exactly went down logistically, but I really liked the episode, I am excited to see what this show is. The atmosphere, with the snow and winter contrasted with all the weird sci fy imagery in an otherwise normal environment, is really interesting, and I feel like this will be a show where the "how does this work?" of using fantastical technology and more about mood and metaphor. We dont know how the Loretta's found each other or how the time travel stuff works exactly, but it was more of a story of a women realizing she was repeating a pattern of parental abandonment.

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On 4/6/2020 at 11:14 AM, iMonrey said:

I . . . don't get it. Did the little girl travel to the future then back home again? How and why? 

My guess, parallel universe, but who knows.  

Definitely a 'Dark' feel.  

I liked the pacing and am looking forward to see where this goes.

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The fly away house, the disappeared house, meeting a mysterious child in the woods, a haunted house, adult meeting themselves as a child. Good supernatural story and visuals. Shows a lot of promise.

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The story would have been so much better if old Loretta had taken in young Loretta. Old Loretta teaching young Loretta everything she learned about "The Eclipse". The show could have ended by saying "no matter how many lifetimes it takes, I will discover what happened to my mother!". Right now I am left with a little kid freezing to death in a broken down shack in the middle of the forest.

I was wondering what period this was occurring in, because it still doesn't feel very modern except for the robot and the robotic arm. The robot has to be ancient since it broke down and was abandoned.

Kind of slow and very sparse on scientific theories.

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