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S10.E13: Secrets and Lies

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The five married couples must embrace vulnerability, revisit their past, and expose their deepest truths; some discover new sparks, while others find themselves ready to walk away completely.

Michael, you be vunnable.

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Maybe Michael is  just bad at numbers and finance. I would have been like a doofus, myself.

Is he lying, or is Michael simply not very bright and Meka has zero tolerance for his struggle to be as sharp as she requires? 

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Why is Taylor driving Brandon around?  She talked about this in the Jamie 30 minutes.  Did he lose his license in a DWI?  Doesn't he have a car?  If no why?  Financial mismanagement?  No current job?

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5 minutes ago, LennieBriscoe said:

Is he lying, or is Michae lsimply not very bright and Meka has zero tolerance for his struggle to be as sharp as she requires? 

How would that explain all the other lies? Most of which we haven't been subjected to as she has.

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No it looks like Mindy has finally had it if anyone. Probably should have a while a go.

At the risk of sounding like a male chauvinist I would love to see Mindy at the re-union show with a dazzling new hair cut or a perm and have a make over and knock everyone over... 

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Jessica is missing him before he travels for work.  Austin is getting cuter and cuter.  He is so into her, but he knows that her faults are OK with him.  

Meka got him with the numbers!  Of course he kept lying.  I figured the letter was forged when he handing it over.  Math major!  WOW!  Michael is so out of his league.

Did the show pick 2 narcissists on purpose?


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4 minutes ago, Myrtle Urkele said:

Wow I was feeling kind of embarrassed for Michael. 😬

Did he really forge his own offer letter🤦🏾‍♀️. If you're going to be a liar at least take care to remember the details of your lies. 

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Mindy just said she does not want to be in this marriage anymore!

Just when I started to enjoy Zach's word salad!

6 minutes ago, Empress1 said:

Yo, Mindy’s Asian friend (Shanny?) is a real one. “You can’t fuckin’ believe that bitch [Lindsay], she’s a liar.”

Loved it! That's what (real) friends are for!

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Zax was still making excuses.  Still lying because he lies, not to protect Lynsey.  Two lying spouses.  

Brandon looked different at the dinner.  Maybe it was the lighting.  These apartments have second bedrooms to see if they stay in the same room.

I love the dog, Tyson fighting for dominance.  He knows Brandon is not worthy.

Zax is really lying.  Mind fucking and gaslighting.  

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14 minutes ago, LennieBriscoe said:

Am I a fuddy-duddy, or is Taylor's neckline really low?

I thought she looked great from the neck down - the yellow looked good on her. And her makeup was good. Her hair was not. It actually looks better curly. She really just needs a hair intervention.

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Zack was making an effort? Yes, finally the Dr. Viv is being real. Zack is really a tool. 

And don’t overthink it Dr. Viv, we’ve been confused about everything Zack has said and done since the beginning. 

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24 minutes ago, humbleopinion said:

Thought I saw JamieO's fetus reach out between her legs and try to pull Mommy's dress down from riding up too high and exposing BabyO's exit chute.....

All I saw was legs and not a pretty sight.  She’s probably retaining water and shouldn’t expose them so blatently.  She’s hogging up the camera.

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11 minutes ago, LilaFowler said:

I've lost all patience with this show and the people on it. Talk about beating a dead horse. Just skip to D Day.

Yep .. to tell the truth, I don’t think any one of the couples will stay for the long haul.  Even Jessica and Austin.  She put him on the spot on the couch.  Not good. When first married, I hardly saw my husband as he worked nights and I worked days.  Jessica is whining already that he has to be on the job more than she thought.  So what?  You can’t have everything.  She wants everything her way.

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