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S02.E04: Fore!

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Dawn is in a compromising situation because of Blair's new connection; Yassir and Wayne try to solve the mystery in their office.

Original air date 2020.03.28


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This episode was so good, there were so many awesome moments throughout.

My favorites were Yassir’s close-but-not-quite-there feminism, the parallels between the congressman and the veep, the exchange between Dawn and the waiter.

The revelation that the bank was the one TBD just invested in fell a bit flat for me, though.

LOL, I thought the country club patrons were mistaking Dawn for Oprah, so I got a real kick out of the “Regina...King” gag. 

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Mother. bwhahahahahahahahaha

I know that the entire episode is cliche 80s, but it is still awesome. Corky is the perfect trophy political wife name, and her going on about Reagan surviving the divorce was a brilliant take. 

Dawn completely stole everything. The server 'who the fuck they think you are' killed me. What was great was that Dawn knew what was going on and Corky chimes in - We do that. 

I was dying with everyone struggling to conceptualize 'dick pic'. 

Genius Mo. 


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Okay, so it was an easy joke, but Blair's comment about "getting the whacking pole out of the ole quiver," or whatever it was he said, made me laugh SO hard. I also loved the "white country clubbers assume Dawn is a celebrity" jokes, especially her exchange about it with the waiter.

On the whole, I thought they went in a little too hard on the Harrises equaling the Pences (in an episode that also included lines about gun control and the need to coin the term "dick pic," it felt like a higher concentration than usual of winking references to the present,) but it was worth it for Blair and Dawn's reactions to them calling each other "Mother" and "Father." That was great.

Tuc Watkins was a great choice to play Harris. I was fortunate enough to see him and Andrew Rannells play opposite each other in the Broadway production of The Boys in the Band a couple years ago, and it's really neat to see them pair up again to play a very different sort of relationship dynamic. They're excellent together.

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