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S01.E06: Everyone

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With time running out, the gang splits up in an effort to find Clara; Simone and Janice follow her artwork, while Fredwynn and Peter link the game to a large corporation.

Airing Monday, March 30, 2020

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Wow, that episode was jam-packed! I knew Jejeune and Elsewhere (always makes me think of The Giver!) were one and the same. Simone was right: Janice is a badass! I liked that the old lady (“Martin Scorsese’s mother” 😆) liked the dragon on her wall. Fredwynn and Peter were great, too. Did you just tell me to get you a snack? 😆 Simone does have cute dimples!

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Probably my fave episode to-date.  Even Mr. Kdawg watched it with me (his 1st episode ever) while he's always asked me about it when I've had it on near him. He even got some laughs in. Loved it. All characters are so well acted and excel in their own roles. Creative and thoughtful writing. Jealous of Simone's wardrobe (and dimples). Jason Segel CRUSHING it as usual. André 3000, Sally Field, & Eve Lindley are such standouts in TV.  They deserve awards next season. Love how their individual talents shine and combine to find clues. Without each other they'd never get far. I wonder where the rest of the "players/dispatches" are. Did people just ditch the game and write it off as such once they had their fun? Peter banging into the wall & Fredwyn with the "life coach" cover story were Hilarious! Can't wait for more epiosdes.  

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It was funny Fredwynn told the team "breakfast can wait" and the first thing he does when he gets home is to "fuel up". The others probably haven't eaten the entire day.

Poor Boris! All those years he probably thought he "delivered" and Janice just had to crush him!

Bartender! A small carton of milk please!

I wonder why Simone asked the lady if she was Clara as it was mentioned earlier Clara would be in her late 30s. I'll bet the poor lady had to clean up all the wallpaper mess after Janice and Simone left.

I liked the transition from Peter/Fredwynn outside the building to the model in the museum. 

I wonder how long it took Peter to realize the food was real.

How long did Peter work for the Playlist company. Seems he didn't really know any of his co-workers or the right avenue for escape.

Didn't make sense for the security guard to not accompany/follow Peter and his life coach the entire time.

Oh No! Peter just leaped from the roof. No need to go downstairs to see the extent of his injuries or call the police. Back to work everyone!

Fredwynn needs to work on his people skill. As Peter is lying on the ground injured from his fall he is more excited about finding the IP address. At least he let Peter know it was impressive, just in case he bleeds out before they arrive at the next location.

Fredwynn has good quickness as he bolted from Peter in the office like he was the Flash but he needs to work on his strength/stamina as he was so gassed after helping up Peter. I think he would crack if waterboarded or balls were electrocuted.

He coagulated on the way over here!

That is some penthouse!

I wonder if Janice's memory of going to the mental health facility will tie into something Octavio will exploit later or just a reason to explain why she knew to go to Hawkton (nothing more)

During the "Uber driver approaching" scene the director did not see an item fall out of Fredwynn's jacket. Maybe he did and did not care to have the scene re-shot.

Is the bad news about Clara from 20 years or something new?

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That was a great episode, I really really like this show, it keeps me guessing! I liked them mixing up the team this week, with Peter and Fredwynn and Simone and Janice going on their own adventures, and we get closer and closer to some kind of answer! We know a bit more about Clara (and greater confirmation that she exists) and it looks like Jejeune and Elsewhere (or at least their bosses) really are one and the same! The plot continues to thicken! 

Janice really was a badass, and I think she still is, she just needed some reminding! Loved her and Simone at the bar, and Peter and Fredwynn, Peters "life coach." Simone was right, Peter was sure looking rugged this week, jumping out of buildings, walking dramatically down alleyways, he even got to kick a door down! 

That dragon really did look super cool. 

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It has taken me a long time to warm up to this show, but this episode I was finally there. A lot happening, a nice mix-up of character interaction, and plenty of comedy too. 

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