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RHoP: Season Three Rehash

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Man, what a season!

OK, Karen.  Jeebus, this woman.  I left season two wondering if she was mentally ill and therefore I couldn't enjoy laughing at her.  Now I realize she's just regular delusional, and laughing is just fine.  Of course I was saddened to hear about the death of both of her parents, what a huge loss, especially back to back like that.  But DAMMIT I wanted answers!  Mostly, I was so upset they didn't ask her at all at the reunion about how much money was donated after her charity event.  That shit seemed sooooooooo shady!!!  And I really wanted to know definitely where she lives!  Argh!  That said, I liked her level of crazy this season.  Her fighting her wig gave me life.

Gizelle - she's a horrible person at least half the time, and I love her for it.  She is so beautiful, but she looks like a cartoon to me.  I truly felt for her over the Sherman situation.  It seemed like she was genuinely happy with him.  

Ashley - I didn't think it was a good look for her to sell out Monique over how many drinks she had.  But Ashley ain't keeping her mouth shut about anything, that much is for damn sure.  We definitely saw a different side of her mom this season.  Michael was soooooooo gross with the I don't know if you would be a good mother to my children bullshit.  That was a deep, deep cut.

Robyn - meh.  Just not a lot going on, but DAYUM her short hair looked good on her.  She truly is just a striking woman.

Monique  - man, I loved her season two, but she was so damn messy this season.  She should have stayed away from the Kendyll nonsense.  That was embarrassing for everyone involved.  And girl, alcohol makes you sleepier.  If you drank at lunch, and then fell asleep/passed out while driving, you can't pretend the alcohol was irrelevant.  I'm not saying she wasn't exhausted, maybe she was.  But alcohol is going to make that worse.  But I will FIGHT YOU if you try to take her off my tv, just because her kids are so damn cute!

Candiace - holy crap.  No.  Just no.  Her mother is so horrible, just truly, truly awful, but it's so easy - stop living on her money!  Problem fucking solved!

And last but not least - Matt.  Y'all.  I would never have guessed a weird random white man was what this show needed, but my god, he makes me laugh.  He does so low key hilarious shit, but you got to be paying attention.  At the fragrance discovery party or whatever it was, when all hell starts breaking loose, the weird white woman leans back to tell Matt to get the situation under control. He leaned forward to hear what she was saying, and then once he did, he promptly sat his ass right back down, like, bitch, I bet I do get up in that mix!  I was howling already, and then a few minutes later, he's seen slipping out while CARRYING KAREN'S PURSE!  I completely lost it.

Finally, I was so excited to get to season four so I could hop in the episode threads here, only to discover they don't start until mid-way through the season.  I've been hoodwinked!  I'm sure it was Karen!

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I forgot how funny the scene was when Karen and Giselle were having an argument at a restaurant and here comes the mime eavesdropping and just trying to make his invitation delivery, but they thought he was a random mime simply trying to get camera time.  LMAO!  I don't even think he was able to make his delivery because they both ran off.  

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Just finished S3 and these women are now my favorite housewives. They are hilarious. Karen is delusional  and clearly in denial, but at times is still entertaining. She had a very loose relationship with the truth though! Loved the pizza scene and wonder what happened to it? 

As Andy said, Robyn seems to be saying the same thing about Juan she said at the last reunion. BTW, I don't like her new hairstyle/wig (it looks like a wig to me) not the cut or the color. It is a harsh look for her IMO. I think she looked better during the regular season. 

Candiace is very high maintenance and, I'm sorry, but "Princess" seems to fit based on what I've seen. If she wants to have her own life, she needs to move out of her mother's house and stop letting her pay for everything! The wedding planning is ridiculously over the top. Is all that really necessary? It seems like just another way for her mother to control her. I'm glad her dad isn't giving her more money for the wedding.

Candiace seems insecure. I don't have a good feeling about her and Chris lasting. I also don't think she adds much to this show. I could easily see them replacing her with someone better, perhaps someone a little older and more established. 

I'm glad Chris wants to establish a relationship with his oldest son but inviting him to his wedding is not a good first move. Too much pressure, too big of an event, too many people around. Also it's something that's about Chris. He would be much better off just trying to start talking to him by phone occasionally and then maybe move up to an in-person meeting with just the two of them. This is assuming the ex will allow it, of course. Sad situation. 

I wonder how often he sees the other two children? They aren't talked about much and not even their names or ages have been mentioned that I can remember. Do they live in the same town as Chris? Lots of unanswered questions. 

I feel for Gizelle and wonder what really happened with Sherman. I get the impression we weren't told the whole story about the break-up. I could detect his distance earlier in the season though. I know Gizelle attributed it to the People article but that doesn't make much sense because he allowed himself to be filmed for the show. (And during the picnic scene when she said "Love me?" to him, he seemed a little grudging in his response. I wondered then if they'd last.)

I think Gizelle is beautiful (the prettiest of them all IMO) but that ponytail wasn't a good look for her. I'm not sure if it was her hair being pulled off her face or her makeup being too heavy, but overall the look didn't work for me. It hardened her appearance. 

Ashley is a pot-stirrer but I still like her. She looked beautiful at the reunion.

One thing that confused me is why Charrisse was brought on halfway through the reunion as if she were a friend instead of regular cast member. She was in the opening credits as a cast member. Really like her shorter hairstyle! 

Wondering if Karen and Ray are still married and if so, actually living together. I hate to break this to you, Karen, but if you're married it's difficult to keep everything separate and that includes your husband's legal/tax issues. Just ask Theresa Guidice. I also don't believe Karen was clueless about what was going on. Not sure how much this has affected their relationship, Ray doesn't look into her at all. 

Having said that, I feel sorry for Karen losing both her parents. My father has struggled with dementia for years. My mother is also not doing well, so I certainly understand Karen's emotion over losing her parents. 

I'm surprised Monica didn't get a DUI from that car crash. Did the police come? She is very defensive about her drinking, which suggests there is a problem. Also, did anyone notice that scene in which she was drinking from a flask in her room when they were out of town? 

It seems like she wants to present a certain image to everyone as everything being fabulous in her life, but I get the feeling there is some tension with her husband... more so than we've seen. 

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Karen's platinum hair in the THs is terrible!
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