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S18.E06: The Battles Premiere

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Wow! A day later and I'm the first to comment. My favorite paring was the last 2 that performed from Nick's team. I think he may have made a mistake earlier when he let his 4 chair turn go in favor of a 1 chair turn, but we'll see. 

I wouldn't know a Jonas Brothers song if I heard one but Nick is becoming my favorite coach. I really believe he cares about his team and it's not just a game to him.

Poor Kelly, someone forgot to cut and finish her sleeve, they just left the material hanging. I think she wore that last season too.

Does anyone know if the audience watches the taped rehearsals too before the performance?  

I don't know how I feel about the saves having to battle it out. Does that mean 1 team will have 1 more member than the other 3 teams?

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I really enjoyed this episode.  It was a great start with Blake's first two and I was glad that he kept both of them.  I was impressed with Nick as a judge and I really like the developing bromance between Nick and Blake.  The judges are comfortable and fun with each other.  Adam who?

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I loved that first pairing of Nick's and I am really liking him as a judge!  I am surprised he let his 4 chair turn go, but happy she was snapped up.  How far will this show be able to go before COVID-19 cancels it?  These battles are all taped ahead of time, but I am not sure when things catch up...

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Both of Nick's battles were great.  Even his one chair turns have improved.  I still would have kept his four chair turn.  John already has a bunch of good vocalists on his team so don't know how she'll do on his team. 

The saves remind me of last season when each coach picked somebody on their team to battle it out.  Kelly picked the two young girls.  Blake was trying to be strategic and let his country girl battle it out.  It didn't work since the two young ones won.  Although, they really were good in that battle.  Unfortunately, after that Kelly saw that one of them could sing high and made them sing songs that were too high, inappropriate, or both, e.g. Chandelier.

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