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S07.E11: Victoria Fenberg

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First Aired: March 20, 2020

With the help of the Task Force, Red tracks a gifted art forger who has thwarted his plans to sell stolen pieces. Aram's love life becomes increasingly complicated. Liz and Ressler confide in each other.


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I'm sure Red "regifted" the scarf to Dembe. Dembe should have checked it for mustard stains or someone's blood.

What happened to Red during the mid-season break? First he lets the disloyal guy live after he tried to trap him and Dembe in the room and now he's not upset he was duped!  Has the man gone soft!???

Red confessed to stealing art and these FBI jerks are OK with it?! And now they are so eager to find the person that robbed him and hope to be done in time to catch Agnes' play.

How did Victoria know the code to the case? Even though Art dealer wouldn't know there was an egg swap she made no attempt to wipe her prints!

Red ordered the huge seafood tower, martinis and probably  left the bill to Mr. Thornberry.

I doubt Don Draper would approve of the over payment for the egg Mr. Eagleton!!!!!!

Vitaris kept all the mechanical drawings and other damaging evidence laying out openly in a room that has a huge glass wall/window??? The FBI didn't need to break in to find it, just look from the outside. 

Why would Vitaris tell the FBI he was a decoy?

Victoria tried to give her parents so many clues she was helping Vitaris and they never caught on!

Papa Fenberg should have put his foot down and said "Hell No" to young Victoria's request for art lessons.

There is a poor old woman Red most likely killed to retrieve the original box and it probably never crossed Liz's mind!

Wouldn't be Red if there wasn't a little dig towards the pharmaceutical business.

The poor husband finally got tired of hearing Aram and Elodie banging upstairs and had a heart attack. And Aram continues to run to Liz (of all people) for moral support!

Elodie hoping her husband dies is the line Aram is trying not to cross?????!!!! But lying in bed post coital listening to the husband's ventilator (knowing he watched) is something he can get over quickly before breakfast.

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23 minutes ago, preeya said:

Wasn't there supposed to have been 2 episodes tonight?

I thought so too. Maybe the suspension of producing episodes due to the virus caused NBC to push it to next week.

Or this episode was so mind blowing. 2 this week would have killed us!!!!

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8 minutes ago, mxc90 said:

Or this episode was so mind blowing. 

Ummm, that would be no.

I was so ..................... bored.

Spoiled rich girl stealing from her own family -- really ?  How original ? #sarcasm
And somehow that qualified her as a Blacklister.  Where are the Kings of the Highway when you need them ?

Honestly, I didn't care about Reddington's quest for nesting caskets either.  Who cares ?  

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21 minutes ago, ottoDbusdriver said:

Honestly, I didn't care about Reddington's quest for nesting caskets

I'm so glad this show is back. I just couldn't with the Lincoln Rhymes series, I had to bail from that, made the jump to Shark Tank. There should be a joke in there somewhere.

What was up with that brass box being called a casket? i have jewelry boxes that are square like that, not casket shaped at all. Well, unless you watch Prodigal Son, then any box is a casket. Maybe I have Red's original caskets and don't even know it.

Welcome back. I missed you and your flip phone Dembe.

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I did need a vacation from this show since I found Spader's mannerisms fun and stylish this time instead of irritating and obnoxious as was the case last season. I know ... give it a few episodes. He'll be on my nerves again.

Cooper continues to be ultra-creepy with wanting tickets to Agnes' recital. Just get a room with Keene and get it over with old man.

LOL that Lizzie tells Ressler a big secret and then tells him IT'S A SECRET,  you can't tell anyone. That's not how one keeps a secret Lizzie. Tell one person, you've told the world.

I was distracted non-stop by the blood-stained-appearing wallpaper on the walls of Aram's bed partner's bedroom. It looked like they were making out in a murder victim's house. Although sort of, in a way, they were.

I also was distracted by the jewel in Cynthia's chin. What was up with that.

And Aram putting that entire pencil in his mouth was all kinds of nasty.

I'm with @mxc90 wondering how Red got so kindly during the break. Last season he killed a guy for just having a collection of salt-and-pepper shakers. This episode he lets people who tried to get him killed walk. It's the Newer Softer Red. I sort of like him better this way. That, plus now his FBI team is totally working with and for him in his capers.

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On 3/20/2020 at 6:51 PM, mxc90 said:

Vitaris kept all the mechanical drawings and other damaging evidence laying out openly in a room that has a huge glass wall/window??? The FBI didn't need to break in to find it, just look from the outside.

Vitaris on phone:  "What??? The FBI is enroute? Oh, right, Ressler is charge on this one.  Better lay out some obvious paperwork so he can figure it out."

I'm hoping that Red distracted the old lady collector long enough to switch jewelry pieces, as she would never know the difference.

Note to Aram (and writers):  You were either in John Glenn's Mercury capsule, or someone else's Gemini capsule.  Glenn did not fly the Gemini.

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A new fresh season of crap writing.  Wee.

What the hell is up with Ressler going all holier than thou on blondie for stealing from her asshole parents?  Not sure who here has been watching this series, but Ressler has committed murder, covered up murders by Lizzie, and committed countless other felonies all while being an FBI agent.

And holier than thou Aram, lying about wanting hubby dead?  Then making what’s her name feel bad about it?

Tell me again why the task force keeps enriching Red?  This week he didn’t even give up the bad guys.  

Thank goodness for the soothing balm of Homeland and Saul.  

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