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S10.E13: What We Become

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That would make too much sense.  Well, maybe not completely, because Michonne's journey is likely to be dangerous, and she probably thinks they are safer back in Alexandria with whoever is watching them this week.  But how many women do you know who are going to choose their man over their children?  They are out there, but they're not generally thought well of.

Who is looking after Judith and RJ? I don't even know. Does Michonne? Why didn't she ask about that person or persons?

Honestly, this goes to show how little the writers are thinking about story. It's all too personal - they like Cailey Fleming so it never occurs to them it makes more sense for Michonne to take her children with her if she's going away indefinitely, because they would never dream of writing Cailey off the show. The only way it makes sense for Michonne to abandon her children is if she's killed or otherwise forcibly separated from them by kidnapping or the like. 

Completely tone-deaf writing, or a colossal lack of concern for believability? Or both? 

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16 minutes ago, iMonrey said:

Who is looking after Judith and RJ? I don't even know. Does Michonne?

Considering she left Judith on the shore when she decided to take off with Virgil and never even mentioned RJ, I guess not.

These writers are really good at one thing anyway - destroying characters.

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On 3/22/2020 at 8:36 PM, gutbuster said:

I really wish they would stop doing these character spotlight episodes in general, but particularly as a way to send off long time cast members. And particularly immediately following an episode when something interesting actually happens.

They are so tone deaf.  It reminds me of when they force fed us the "Morgan and The Cheese Man" bullshit episode whilst the viewers were waiting to see how Glenn was going to survive on that dumpster.  It seems to be a pattern for them, to finally give the audience something interesting and then yank it back and feed them a bullshit-ridden episode.  Ugh.

On 3/23/2020 at 5:24 AM, icemiser69 said:

I didn't like this episode at all.  I don't give a rats ass about Rick or Michonne.  They have been off screen for far too long for me to even give a damn.  If Michonne is never coming back then they should have killed her off.   I didn't know she wasn't coming back until it was talked about in this thread.  No parent is going to run off and leave their kids behind to go find Saint Rick.  No one.  Not even for Saint Rick.

Yup, agreed.  If my man had been presumably killed and eight fucking years later I find out he's alive but never bothered to return?

The only way I'd track that mofo down would be to cut off his dick for leaving the kids all of those years.  

Michonne getting all weepy eyed and leaving the kids to look for Rick, who clearly could have made his way back if he had so chosen, made me 🤢.

Next week's episode hopefully will make up for this garbage.  Emphasis on "hopefully."  

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Nowadays I usually watch "Batwoman" instead of last week's TWD. But it's a repeat too, so I figured I'd switch over to AMC and give this turd one more sniff.

Yikes. At least when I watched it while live-posting it was sort of funny. Judged simply on its own merits, it doesn't even have that. Even only half listening to this crap while multi-tasking on the computer was giving me a headache. I usually stick with beer when I'm at home, but just to get through this episode one more time I had to break out some of the rum that I was hoarding for the coronapocalypse. It helped a little. But not nearly enough.

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Michone: "I can't leave you and your brother."

Judith: "Mommy you have to. You have to do another black panther movie!"

I'm with alternate reality Michone. That was really cowardly slaughtering all those people in their sleep. Guess the saviors started it, but I had forgotten about that part. Makes Negan's retaliation more understandable.

With what diamond tools did Rick etch that drawing of Michone and Judith into gorilla glass?


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