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S18.E07: Hollywood Week - Duets

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The contestants pick just one partner for a duet group round. One pair’s tensions run high as they can’t agree on a song. Sparks fly with another pair. Two pop divas come together for a powerful rendition of a Celine Dion song. One pop vocalist and country singer team up to wow the judges with their unexpected harmony.


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This is hard, up and down, and the editing is weird.  In the first 30-60 minutes especially, I noticed a lot of really good singers (or so I thought?) being eliminated.  It was tough.

The editing spent so long on random stories but not explaining why certain talented singers were being eliminated.  

Some singers are very good obviously, but the editing did not explain much about what was going on here.

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Robert and Tito were very...shrieky. 

Will be interesting to see how some of the duet partners who had issues but still got through will fare going forward. Disappearing on your duet partner without telling them where you are is a dick move. 

There were some really good duets throughout, too, though. I like that some of these people became friends along the way. And the one guy having a bit of a crush on his partner, while still respecting the fact she's with someone, was cute (I loved her red sweater thing she had on, too. She looked gorgeous). 


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I still like the old group rounds better for the drama; wrangling 3 or more people into a cohesive performance in a few hours is HARD. When one of those groups pulled it off, it was a real accomplishment, and pretty entertaining.

Duets allow the audience to hear the voices better, but when they only showed a few seconds of most of the couples, it seems kind of pointless.

Sorry to see my audition favorite Zach make poor choices all around, and pull his partner down with him.

Liked the couple who sang 'It's a Man's World', also very impressed with Olivia X. 

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I find it amusing that they're propping up this change from 'groups' to 'duets' like it's some sort of revolutionary shake-up to Hollywood Week. Same with the genre round last week (which was essentially the same first round except they were performing in their preferred genre).

That said, I missed having groups! They were way more fun and creatively executed by the contestants than any duets we saw tonight. And the group round was about teamwork and standing out from the crowd - forming groups challenged the contestants in an exciting way that could show new shades to their performances which would often surprise me. I'm not learning much more from most contestants with these duets, performance-wise.


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Group night is usually my favorite, but this one left me flat right from the start, with Katy going on about how you can't "hide" when it's only a duet; unlike when you're in a 4-person group and just have to sing a few words, in a duet you have to "pull your own weight." And she said all that right after they let Francisco through despite him forgetting the words. I like his voice, but if he goes on much further, I can imagine his "nerves" issue getting mighty wearing. 

It didn't really seem like the "duets" gimmick was anything other than giving each person more time to sing. Which is okay. But I had thought they'd try to see who was good at singing with, and connecting with, another person. Lionel was talking about how duets require the singers to listen to each other, a "marriage of the voices," but it didn't seem like that's what the judges used as a criterion for most teams. 

And the "second chance": ugh. 

I usually live for Group Night drama, but Zack and Courtney just tired me out. Why would Zack spend all night trying to learn how to play the guitar for a particular song instead of how to sing it? I felt bad for Courtney, especially when Zack was glad that he got to go home. It must be so hard to want something really badly and have a partner who'd just as soon go home. 

At least with the groups, a person like that would have less impact on someone else's performance. 

I loved Genavieve and Travis, I thought "The Prayer" was a perfect song to let them shine individually and together. 

But I don't like the duets. I miss the harmonies and (sometimes) choreography of the groups; when 4-5 people get together and do a song well, it's impressive. 

Is Katy Perry wearing those goofy outfits to cover up a baby bump?

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47 minutes ago, Ms Blue Jay said:

I didn't miss the groups at all.  I just wish they spent more time on each duet so I could see why talented performers were being cut.

I agree.  But if they spent more time on the supposedly 'stars' (and reason) of the show then when would the 3 judges get to talk... and talk... and TALK.  Seriously, the poor duets get a couple of lines sung and suddenly we've got Lionel Richie on camera explaining why he's looking for something or other in their singing.  Sooo frustrating! He and Katie must have it in their contracts that they get a certain amount of spotlight time.  Luke just seems to go along with whatever.  I'm very tired of Lionel.  

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They got rid of a lot of oversingers last night—people who seem to have good voices but just overdid it and seemed forced and desperate. 

The people with the debilitating nerves have to get it together.  If singing in front of people makes you that nervous, then this probably isn’t what you should be doing. Find another outlet for your talent. 

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On ‎03‎/‎22‎/‎2020 at 10:28 PM, Annber03 said:

Robert and Tito were very...shrieky. 

They were terrible.  I couldn't even figure out what song they were "singing".  They should've both gone home, but Robert was at least on key; Tito was not.

On ‎03‎/‎23‎/‎2020 at 1:17 AM, Mystery said:

And the "second chance": ugh.

I'd have given the girl a second chance, because she was actually good, but the guy would've been on the bus home asap.

On ‎03‎/‎23‎/‎2020 at 1:17 AM, Mystery said:

Why would Zack spend all night trying to learn how to play the guitar for a particular song instead of how to sing it?

Maybe he's one of those people who can't perform without their instrument?  Idk, that's the only good reason I can come up with.  I actually think he just wanted to go home and so sabotaged his performance.  Too bad it took out his partner, she was pretty good for the most part.

On ‎03‎/‎23‎/‎2020 at 1:17 AM, Mystery said:

I loved Genavieve and Travis, I thought "The Prayer" was a perfect song to let them shine individually and together.

I don't like the song, but they did really well with it.

On ‎03‎/‎23‎/‎2020 at 1:24 AM, stcroix said:

I'm very tired of Lionel.  

I'd keep him and boot Katy Perry.  At least Lionel talks about the performance.  Katy just makes it all about her.  But you know who I miss?  Keith Urban, who talked about the song and the performance knowledgably, didn't make it all about him, and looked damned fine.  Hell, I even think Jennifer Lopez was better than Katy Perry as judge.


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11 hours ago, incandescent said:

Damn, that Cyniah gal really went around looking for a new partner while the other girl walked with her... She's audacious!

Yea, that whole thing completely soured her for me. It also made me like Makayla a lot more.

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