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S07.E03: On the Wings of Keeradaks

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Jedi Anakin Skywalker and the clones escape Wat Tambor’s trap and help defend a local village against an attack ordered by Separatist Admiral Trench.


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This version of Anakin is puzzling...not sure if he is lazy or slow to pick up on clues...

Echo points out the ceiling hatch, Anakin could have jumped up there and destroyed it or "forced" it open.

Those walkers killed a lot of allies before he did anything...

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Fair points - I'm thinking after three episodes, Anakin is just pushing on. This time around, the show is very much not having any Kenobi influence. Which makes sense. 

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Anakin seems really still together, I thought maybe he’d start coming undone by the seams a bit before the end of this series. Guess he’s not isolated enough yet.

Poor Echo, he must have been freezing. I just kept thinking “someone get the clone some clothes.” 

Rex getting thrown somewhere he doesn’t want to get thrown never gets old.

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