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NEW: Notes From The Mods

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Hello everyone!

This is an updated note from the mods to bring back some friendly reminders about the rules on the forum. 

First off, spoilers should be kept to the appropriate Spoiler threads. Information from the source material and comic books are also considered spoilers. Put any spoilers under spoiler tags if you are in a spoiler free thread. You do not need spoiler tags if you are in a Spoiler-friendly thread. 

Previews on this particular forum are not considered spoilers. Light discussion about the previews is alright; just do not derail the episode threads with discussions on what might happened in the next episode. Remember to keep your discussions in the episode thread about the episode. 

Some other things that are not considered spoilers:

  • Info button descriptions, TV Guide descriptions, general public sources like magazines.
  • Pure speculation: based on what has aired or the general public sources.
  • Speculation based on previews

If your posts start getting off topic and stop talking about the episodes themselves, please move the discussions to more appropriate threads in the forum. 

Please read below for the next topic of discussion, which is fan talk and fandom vs fandom.


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One of the great things about forums like these are being able to come on and the discuss all aspect of the shows as fans. That means that there will be differing opinions at one point or another. Being able to talk about your love or hate for certain aspects of the show is ok. 

What is not ok, and is against our rules, is attacking other posters for their opinions. As an example "I hate X, I don't want X Ship" = totally cool. "Anyone who wants X Ship is dumb. Liking X is totally stupid." = not cool.  

No matter how passionately you feel about an episode, character, or the show in general, insulting your fellow posters is not allowed. It doesn't matter if you disagree with every single word in the post. You are not required to engage with anyone you disagree with but, if you choose to, you must be civil.

Finally, fandom vs fandom talk is not allowed. Keep the discussion about THIS show. References to the other Arrowverse shows are fine, but do not make it a whole discussion about which show is better or which fans are better. 

If you cannot engage without insults, then choose the Ignore option and you won't see their posts anymore. If you see a post that breaks site rules then report it but do not engage and let the mods handle it.

If you have any further questions, please PM the mods for this forum: @Lady Calypso and @scarynikki12.

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