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S01.E03: Janice

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While searching for Fred Wynn at the Shareholders meeting, the gang has their first encounter with Octavio. Janice explores her past.

Airing Monday, March 9, 2020.

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Sally Field was great this episode. 

I didn't think Lev was alive.

Janice feels the group thinks she is a fool or incompetent? I never got the sense the felt that way. Simone offered her to take lead in getting in JeJune.

After telling Janice the garage is off limits without a badge, the girl just lets Janice and other in without an escort? 

I hope Peter gets to use the IDEA. Curious what his memory brings.

I have a feeling Octavio knew at the time Janice took the envelope. 

"Try not to get a paper cut" and "what happened to the previous 13 commanders" were funny lines.

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Wow, must burn to be dissed by your 20 something year old past self! I thought Janice’s husband was dead based on that introductory cartoon (everyone likes cartoons). Richard E. Grant continues to kill it.

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I'm pretty sure we were meant to think Janice's husband was no longer alive, so the reveal would be a huge surprise. It was. This should prove interesting.

I liked Janice's backstory, but she's more of a Nervous Nelly than I can deal with at present. Those of us who are old and remember young and very young Sally Field may notice that young Janice looked nothing like young Sally Field! 

Three episodes in and I still really like the program. I'm trying not to analyze it too deeply since there are a lot of flaws and plot holes, but I do love the quirkiness of it and the characters.

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just to be "that guy" i'll point out for saoirse that the episode description has broken Fredwynn's name.

My family wanted me to wait until we were all available to watch this show together, but I just couldn't wait.  I felt like parts of it dragged a bit, but I'll still be able to enjoy it again this weekend with them. I didn't see much that would have had me hitting rewind-and-pause to get a closer look, but I'm following a group on Discord that does just that and more. "Is it real?" Good question!

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8 hours ago, Ms Lark said:

Those of us who are old and remember young and very young Sally Field may notice that young Janice looked nothing like young Sally Field! 

True, not to mention being about 6 inches taller. Sally Field is a shrimp.

I'm liking the show overall, but I could do with less time spent on the character's pasts.

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On 3/10/2020 at 12:12 AM, mxc90 said:

"Try not to get a paper cut" and "what happened to the previous 13 commanders" were funny lines.

Even Simone thought it was clever! 

I am still loving this show, its so strange and whimsical, and it always leaves me wanting more. I loved seeing more of Janice, even if her getting told off by her past self was hard to see. Its interesting, she had a very nice life from what we saw, but she still has terrible regrets that she spent her life living for other people and didnt take enough time for herself. I also felt bad that she thinks that everyone else is kind of pitting her, when I dont think thats true at all. Simone and Peter looked really impressed on how she got into the garage. 

Of course the Jejune Institute gives its shareholders something to defend themselves with! Is this leading to some kind of conspiracy? Is it magic? Its a real ride!

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So far I love this quirky show. I’ve watched a lot of tv over the years and have gotten bored with the formulaic, telegraphed plot lines that have become much too predictable and boring. This show is sweet, bittersweet and very imaginative. Hope the writers can keep doing what they are doing.

Memo to Sally Fields: I like you! I really like you!

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I suspect some of the plot holes are intentional, and perhaps the point is that our sense of wonder is allowed to thrive when we aren't trying to explain everything.  Peter, Simone and Janice have all claimed to be enjoying the game despite the plot holes, while Fredwynn seems to be more analytical and I don't recall him saying anything about having fun, yet.  

If you look at how critical younger Janice was of older Janice, it gives some insight into why Janice believes the other three in the group think lesser of her while we haven't seen much to support that belief.  

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 I had a thought while watching the show. This might be a story on how we have come to watch tv in general.   If you substitute the word “life” with “tv” it fits.  

Peter bored with tv just wants it to be magical again.   

Simone doesn’t fit in with anyone she sees but the minute she does she runs from it as too much too soon.


Janice has seen it all before and maybe enjoyed her nice easy tv shows even though they were boring and unexceptional but now she is excited seeing something new.

FredWynn is that person we all know who complains about every plot hole no matter how small or inconsequential .    They will focus on that instead of enjoying the show.    It might be his inability to just “enjoy” the ride that gets in his way.  

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she's more of a Nervous Nelly than I can deal with at present

Agreed. Also Jason's Sad Sack routine. I've enjoyed him in other things, but I think he's the weakest actor in this series.

Definitely getting the Lodge 49 vibe. Also, as I watched the incomparable Grant do his spiel from a stage, I thought about Scientology.

Speaking of acting, I'm enjoying the script. There are some lovely and poignant thoughts scattered throughout each episode. The visuals are so arresting that they steal a little of the scripts' thunder.

As an older woman, Janice's episode resonated with me.

Appreciate this is set in Philly. Always glad to see somewhere other than LA and NYC. I swoon every time Simone walks down an old rowhouse alley.


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