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S03.16: Autopsy

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A couple of things bothered me in this episode.

It was snowing in California.

Claire was not wearing socks when she put on the bowling shoes.

Shaun chopping up the body and pulling out all of the organs, then leaving. Carly was left behind to put back all the organs and sew the lady up. Then properly store the cadaver in the refrigerated unit.

They should have gotten party guy's written and taped permission to do the surgery, then showed that permission to study boy so that he could also have given his consent to the surgery. I think they just went ahead and did the surgery before showing him the tape.

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Lea had the reaction that I totally expected. Clearly, she does not like Shaun romantically. Or maybe she does, and doesn't think she would make a good girlfriend (based on what she said about being unreliable and a mess). Can she ever improve? That much remains to be seen, but it's not a good sign that at this point in her life, she hadn't done something about it. 

Personally, I hate that the show wrote Shaun into this. He had a girlfriend that he was a good fit with in Carly (a better fit than he'd be with Lea at this time), yet she ends their relationship because of Shaun and Lea's karaoke dancing enjoyment of each other. Bottom line is, Shaun deserves to be happy in a relationship instead of worrying about changing himself in any way. For the workforce, improvement is absolutely necessary, but if we're talking about finding love, Shaun needs to not worry about that.

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Late question about S3E16 Autopsy.

Shaun looks up Jane Doe’s son, discovers Jules Ventane, takes Dr. Park to get autopsy permission from Jules. As they get out of their car at Ventane’s house, the location is all snow-covered mountains and streets. Where the hell are they? San Jose, where the hospital is, never gets snow like that. Did they drive to the High Sierras or a whole other state? How would they have time for that in their always-on-call schedules? Why did the show-runners set that scene in a place that was, obviously, at least a full-day’s ride from the hospital, and offer no chronicle of their timeline?

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