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This upcoming anthology series finds famous DC fans gathering together to play different games, including the first season's five-part The Breakfast League, a tale told with the classic 1980s DC Heroes RPG. Here, executive producers Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Star Wars Rebels) and Sam Witwer (Smallville) are joined by Vanessa Marshall (Prinze's Rebels co-star), Clare Grant, and WWE superstar Xavier Woods, playing as a group of '80s high school kids in Saturday detention who discover they're actually the World’s Greatest Super Heroes. 

Premieres 2/28 on DC Universe.

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So, this was kind of fun (and only half an hour). The campaign at least starts off as a pastiche of The Breakfast Club, set in a suburb of Gotham. The player-characters (whose characters have names but are also subtitled the Princess, the Basket Case, the Criminal and the Brain) are secretly DC characters but the players don't know that at the start, and we don't know who they are either. Witwer is a lot of fun as GM and the players are into it so it's enjoyable.

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