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S13.E08: Sugar Rush

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I just realized I posted in the wrong thread!  So we will see if Jason if as good as he thinks he is - but flash challenges are going to be challenging unless they let him adapt to being on his own.

I was surprised at how some of those tattoos just weren't good designs.

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So Angel is just now thinking that maybe, possibly, Mid-West might have an alliance with the East and wondering if anybody else gets that feeling?

Wow, you have to get up pretty early in the morning to get anything by her!


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Man, Jason talks a big game for someone who is so wildly mediocre. He was lucky as shit he didn’t end up in the bottom. Sadly, I bet he sails to the final four now, because guarantee producers want one person from each team in the final four. 

That being said, I love Kay, but she was lucky not to go home. Her tattoo is pretty, and I would love it on me, but I also don’t like new school so it’d be perfect for me. 

That being said — after Nunez (I think it was Nunez) said that the one thing looked like poo on Jordie’s, that’s all I could think of. It really did look like that. 

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4 hours ago, TVbitch said:

I don't the judges or the contestants knew what the hell they were talking about when they tried to talk about "color theory." It was all over the place. 

If you want to talk about the judges being all over the place, last week Jason was eliminated on an American traditional tattoo because his tattoo had no whip shading which is a fundamental of American traditional.

The following week Kay doesn't even do a new school tattoo but Jordie is eliminated because of legibility. 

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Oh my goodness, K(ay?)'s tattoo made me just nuts.* If I were that canvas, I'd have been on the phone with my real tattoo guy before I left that room, I think. It reminded me of a still life from a 6th grade art class. And I am still not sure how the candy part was "color theory" when it was basically the same as any other flash challenge in which they use things that are not ink to make an image.

*Though not as bad as the giant solid black triangle someone in another season put on a lady's neck, which haunts me to this day.

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On 3/1/2020 at 8:00 AM, lu1535 said:

How did Jessa manage to get her hair dyed in the middle of a competition? 🤔

You can dye hair in an hour or two, sometimes less. And her hair was already light blond; it looks like she either used a toner to make it be less yellow/more silver or used a purple or silver conditioner, which can be done in a few minutes in the shower. I'm just surprised she was allowed to do it.

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