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S18.E12: The Height of Avant Garde Fashion

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Can’t find a mod to open up the closed topic, so starting it up now.  Mods, please combine as necessary.  Thank you!

Sergio especially high on himself this episode.

Did I hear Rachel Brosnahan as guest judge?  Why?


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Don't like Brittany's.

Don't like Sergio's styling but his garment is really good.

I like Nancy's a lot.  I like the chain pants that Marquise made but not the jacket so much.  A little too much the Jetsons.

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So at the beginning it looked like Christian had pipe-cleaners hanging on the neck of his shirt, now I just finished making toys for my cats using pipe cleaners and beads (which is about the limit of my talent).

And here goes Sergio with his “political” design. If he could just get over himself (and if I could extend my talent outside of pipe cleaners .....


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I like the way Geoffrey's garment flows but other than that - not really.

I'm pre-disposed to dislike Victoria's.

The woman doing the hairstyling was annoying because everything was "cool".  Did she not know another adjective?

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Yes, I know they had to get up early but I thought it was funny that the judges are all dressed up, we have a great runway show in a beautiful building and the designers all look a mess.

Ugh, they are praising Victoria. Ugh.

Brittany is gone.  I can't decide who else. 

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I love Geoffrey but not his garment so much tonight.  That might mean it is very avant garde, though!!  lol

I liked Nancy’s a lot.

Cool idea by big-haired contestant* (why does her name escape me).  Impressed with all the tiny squares she cut out.  Did not like the bodice, but the rest was pretty cool.  And she annoys me.

*Edit: Victoria

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Not a fan of pink or butterflies or Brittany, especially when she makes that stank face every time Nancy gets a compliment. 
I didn’t like Sergios styling, seen it before as Nina pointed out, but liked the outfit. I liked the chain pants Marquise made. Everybody else was just alright. 
Of course Victoria is in. Geoff is in. My girl Nancy is in, yay! Brittany is out, good. Sergio is in, I figured that, and poor Marquise is out. Wish he had made it instead of Vic. 
so are they going to knock out one person or do all four show? 

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If I had a dime for every time someone said The Vessel,  I could retire.

Rachel Brosnahan was a zero as a judge. Nina continues to be nasty and, yes, sometimes it is warranted, but I’ve seen and heard enough of her to last a lifetime.

Love Geoffrey but not his latex panty. It looked like half of an outfit. I guess I liked Nancy’s the best. I knew that Victoria would move on and I fear that she will be the eventual winner. Sorry to see Marquis go but it was inevitable.

This entire season has been completely underwhelming.

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Huh, the two sets of friends made it in.

Editing points to a Geoffrey win IMO.  I can only hope.  I like most of Nancy's stuff but I think Geoffrey is better.

Victoria - ugh.  I think Sergio hid who he really is for so long, he has a hard time showing it in his designs.  I'm probably overthinking that.

Still really like Marquise!

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3 hours ago, Thumper said:

Not sure I was listening, but did Brittany say her stuff was better than the others?  Did I mis-hear?

I think she said she deserved to show at Fashion Week more than others, or that she wanted it more than others ...?

Regardless, my response: "See ya!"

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I don't know why it was 'inevitable' that Marquise wouldn't make it in.  It's not as if the others were master designers.  Anyone who has any knowledge of ballroom culture knows that ballroom culture is VERY fashion forward.  I think Marquise's biggest problem was he wasn't dramatic enough for the producers.  Being a low-key, quiet man who doesn't impose himself on everyone else or make 'bold' (and incredibly ignorant) STATEMENTS, wasn't enough for them.

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They left Sergio and Marquise up there to teach Sergio a lesson, or take him down a peg or whatever, it was all about that, not seriously making anyone think he’d be out.

This bugged: Why didn’t Karlie give Marquise the au-smooch and hug??

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4 minutes ago, mightysparrow said:

I don't know why it was 'inevitable' that Marquise wouldn't make it in.  It's not as if the others were master designers.  Anyone who has any knowledge of ballroom culture knows that ballroom culture is VERY fashion forward.  I think Marquise's biggest problem was he wasn't dramatic enough for the producers.  Being a low-key, quiet man who doesn't impose himself on everyone else or make 'bold' (and incredibly ignorant) STATEMENTS, wasn't enough for them.

Oh, I think he was absolute deserving of making it. He is as talented as any of them. but I also think there was no way Victoria was NOT going to make it. Victoria is more interesting (positive or negative; she gets on my nerves) television than Marquise & this is a TV show over anything else. I think you’re right that Marquise is less dramatic than the rest (except Nancy, who is not dramatic but her hook is her third-act story) and that worked against him.

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I wanted to slap Sergio. I thought his model looked pissed, but it’s likely I’m just projecting my own feelings.

I LOVED Geoffrey’s latex skirt. That was amazing.

Nancy’s was so much like her sheer challenge. I wish she had made it in Brittany’s pink. It was better than Brittany and Marquise.


ETA: I actually forgot Victoria existed for a moment. I have nothing to say about her garment.



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It's interesting that Sergio got into the finals even though on two separate occasions the judges have pointed out that he's 'borrowed' from other designers.  And when his copying was pointed out, he knew EXACTLY what Nina was referring to.  Sergio knows how to put a garment together but he seems incapable of coming up with an original idea.

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I thought, given Marquise had previously been auf'd and then was only in the competition again because Dayoung (sob) had to leave due to her health, and also given he's been rather uneven in his designs since, it was highly likely he would be out, even before the episode started. But I would much prefer to see a Marquise collection than a Nancy collection. I think he's very talented, and I really hope he gets backing for his work and does well.

I also thought, even though they had no elimination last episode to in part (in my mind, at least) save Brittany, as they'd high hopes for a return to form (same reason Christian used up his CS Save on her), it was quite possible she could go home.

So the two previously eliminated designers were re-eliminated.

I am sad not to see more of Marquise's work; not so much Brittany's or Brittany. Though she gave some very funny talking down her nose interviews! The last one with a big red nose was very funny, inadvertently; made me think editors/production didn't much like her, as it was such a bad camera angle and used repeatedly.

Christian really gave her a bum steer re using the butterfly print for the underdress, and okaying the butterfly cut-outs. She really was out of gas, designwise. Her coat - Schiaparelli shocking pink, if we are going to talk about ripping off previous classics - was a bit eh. But the judging could have gone either way, I felt.

Nancy's was supremely underwhelming for a two-day challenge, and also repetitive. But  I guess they didn't want to miss out on a first in PR history with her.

Criticizing Sergio's makeup was ludicrous. It was part of why the whole look was so stunning, and previous designers using Kabuki makeup/Geisha makeup is really no reason to rip into him. Normally, I enjoy Meana's critiques - I have to think she was using it as a jumping off point, to really get through to Sergio, to set him up well for the next 5 months.

Five months! Fantastic!

I really liked the snippet I saw of Sergio's collection and am rather hoping he pulls off a surprise win. Geoffrey, also keen to see his collection. Nancy's looked like miserable clumpy seaweed. 'No oversize clothes,' goes Teen Vogue. That's her whole oeurvre, you idiot. That's her freaking aesthetic. And hate Victoria's new hair, from the preview. I do hope her collection is not... unduly influenced by confusion from that final critique, and trying to give them what they want. Happy for her to blow it out of the park and win, also.

Really looking forward to next week.

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Christian made a good suggestion.  A menswear season would be interesting.

Edited to add:  God knows this show could use some fresh ideas.  This season has been sooooooooo TIRED.  The skill level has been shockingly low and the original ideas are few and far between, if the glimpses we got of the home visits are any indication.

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