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[SUGGESTION] Allow a Poll for all Entries

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Since the "Poll" function only can be done at the highest level of a thread, the TV Show threads that are not made by "your staff" can not have "Polls" because they are not at a high enough level, but there is quite a large number of shows that fit this category.  

I think every time you post something there should be the option/ability to create a "Poll". It might be fun to solicit the opinions of the group about what they think happened or what they think might happen in a TV show. They polls might contain spoiler material so they should only be accessible in the episode thread that they are pertaining to. They shouldn't have to be relegated to the top of the thread page, but integrated into the posts and not have anymore significance or a special location than any other post. It doesn't need to be that fancy, a heading title, a few check boxes you can label and program, and a way to view the results.  

This would be a major reworking of the entire system, so I can understand why this might not be feasible.

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