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Into The Tommyverse: Actors in other roles


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Corbin Bernsen was the most recognizable besides Falco.


OMG - I totally did not know that was him.  I was like "he's good looking but I can't place him".  I'm 55 and watched LA Law in its first runs and his mother on YR since I was a child helping my mother fold sheets. LOL   I hate myself right now.  

I have seen him mostly in one off TV roles and Christian movies since LA Law. I guess his last star role was the astronaut trainer preparing space shuttle crews on The Cape way back in 1996. He was playing a legacy character Ice Pick in a reoccurring role on the new Magnum PI but that show has been finding ways to get rid of all the character that link to the original show except their big four so Ice Pick has terminal cancer and may be killed off soon . 

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Thanks @Raja for starting this subject and beginning it with Corbin Bernsen.  He has been quite busy in various TV roles in the past two seasons.  He began his acting comeback playing the role of Henry Spencer, the lead character's dad on Pysch.  Since then he's been everywhere.

I looked him up on IMDb and found the following2043425051_corbinbernsen.jpg.62946543bd23732d916c31c43bb4142a.jpg2corbinbernsen.jpg.a96a68426f9579932fcf37e2730455f8.jpg

 2019-2020 The Resident (TV Series)
Kyle Nevin

- How Conrad Gets His Groove Back (2020) ... Kyle Nevin

- Best Laid Plans (2020) ... Kyle Nevin

- Out for Blood (2019) ... Kyle Nevin

- Peking Duck Day (2019) ... Kyle Nevin

- Woman Down (2019) ... Kyle Nevin

Show all 9 episodes

 2020 Connective Tissue (Short)
Dr. Epstein

 2018-2019 Magnum P.I. (TV Series)
Francis 'Icepick' Hofstetler

- The Man in the Secret Room (2019) ... Francis 'Icepick' Hofstetler

- Bad Day to Be a Hero (2018) ... Francis 'Icepick' Hofstetler

 2019 Sensory Perception
Mr. Friedrich

 2019 Fresh Off the Boat (TV Series)

- Help Unwanted? (2019) ... Mervin

 2019 /IIAll Good Things

 2019 Cadia: The World Within

 2019 Sunrise in Heaven

 2019 Swell

 2019 Faith, Hope & Love (christian movie)
Brian Fuller

 2019 The Russian Bride
Karl Frederick

 2019 The Punisher (TV Series)
Anderson Schultz

- The Whirlwind (2019) ... Anderson Schultz

- One-Eyed Jacks (2019) ... Anderson Schultz

- Flustercluck (2019) ... Anderson Schultz

- Trouble the Water (2019) ... Anderson Schultz

 2018 Dead Man Rising

 2018 Eco-Teens Save The World!
Senator Jeremy Ryburn

 2018The Kominsky Method (TV Series)
Corbin Bernsen

- Chapter 3: A Prostate Enlarges (2018) ... Corbin Bernsen

 2018 Alone We Fight
Colonel Bradley Armstrong

 2018 Life with Dog
Joe Bigler

 2018 Billions (TV Series)
Bill McGann

- Elmsley Count (2018) ... Bill McGann

- Kompenso (2018) ... Bill McGann

 2018 /IIReach

 2018 Surviving Theater 9 (Short)

 2018 Hap and Leonard (TV Series)
Chief Cantuck / Chief Canuck

- Mambo No. 5 (2018) ... Chief Cantuck

- Senorita Mambo (2018) ... Chief Canuck

- T-Bone Mambo (2018) ... Chief Cantuck

- Ho-Ho Mambo (2018) ... Chief Cantuck


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