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Stephanie and Erika: Bi Buy Bye

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2 hours ago, Mondrianyone said:

I could care less, but I don't. Since I'm a native NYer, I'll fight to the death for the Yiddish influence in "I could care less." So sue me.

These two famewhores seem to be meant for each other.


I wouldn't do her if i was a lesbian or a guy.. Can't stand her.

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2 hours ago, Boston said:

I wouldn't do her if i was a lesbian or a guy.. Can't stand her.

I should've been clearer. I didn't mean Stephanie and Erika (although Erika may be a famewhore, too), I meant Stephanie and her new YourWetSock boyfriend.

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21 hours ago, RoxiP said:

I could care less about Stephanie's dating life...why did they think we wanted to see her again?  I would have rather seen Erika.

I liked Erika. She seemed fun and interesting and honest about her intentions. I don’t believe anything Stef said about her.

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I'll rephrase...I do not care to see Stephanie and have no interest in her dating life.  I'm a native Texan and I've always heard "I could care less" but I'm not going to quibble over semantics...Stephanie just isn't worth that much effort...LOL!

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8 hours ago, ALittleShelfish said:

You know that when the doctors get word of this, they're gonna be like "nah girl, stop wasting our time, don't come back you dummy." 

Also, weird way to find out she has an illness.

She has an illness?!

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2 minutes ago, Welshman in Ca said:

So now she's up to being an escort, if she likes the guy & fucks him does that make her a whore or is she okay as long as it's on the second date?

She is thirstier than a flat humped camel. Gives her attention and money.

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1 hour ago, Frozendiva said:

And the lucky winner is a 90 Day cast member.

Screenrant article.


"While Stephanie didn't reveal the name of the fellow co-star, she revealed that her bids rose from $120 to the winning bid of $2,700 in a few days. She also showed the screenshot of the winner but didn't show the name. According to her, she's keeping the name private because it is hard for her to comprehend what just happened."

I hope it was Paul Staehle. That would be funny.

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