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Washington (2020 History)

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Three episodes:

Sunday, February 16th ("Loyal Subject")

Monday, February 17th ("Rebel Commander")

Tuesday, February 18 ("Father of His Country")

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I remember the first non-textbook I read about the American Revolution: the (fictional) tale of a young boy who undertakes a mission for General Washington during the winter at Valley Forge.  I was hooked!  So this miniseries holds a special fascination.

Still absorbing it all, but had to start this thread to say, **Loving Nick Rowe as Washington.  One of the early reviews criticized him for "not looking the part".  This made me go all gif-of-Rocket Raccoon yelling, "Shut up!!!"

He's got the height and the nose and plain-but-handsome face, plus that upright carriage that makes him seem taller and more imposing than everyone else.

Soooooo...works for me.

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I'm only on part I, but found this very entertaining- some great battle scenes, and even the personal parts (like meeting and marrying Martha) weren't cheesy. I know this history pretty well, but seeing the re-enactment of the battle at Fort Necessity was eye-opening. I appreciate that they aren't glossing over the slave ownership, either. 

Now I'm interested in seeing their new special on black participants in the Revolution (I guess Kareem Abdul Jabar is connected in some way).

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I love these type of docuseries that the History channel does and H.W. Brands is one of the talking heads, so I am in. I really like the guy playing Washington. I especially like that they don't shy away from his slave owning, I never knew about William Lee.

Every time I hear the story of Benedict Arnold I learn something new.


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