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Mystery/suspense series based on Robert Parker's "Spenser" novels. Spenser, a private investigator living in Boston, gets involved in a new murder mystery each episode. Using his years of experience, his natural talents for observation and reasoning, and the occasional bit of help from his friend Hawk, Spenser never fails to crack the case.


I started reading the Spenser novels and could not stop! You can not imagine how thrilled I was when I saw that it was going to be a new TV series but wondered if it would live up to Parker's books! It did! Robert Urich was the perfect Spenser and Avery Brooks was Hawk! I luckily noticed that I could see the first season on IMDB on my Fire TV and couldn't wait to start watching. About half way through I realized I had to see the full 3 seasons and started hunting for the DVDs. Using ebay, I found a very reasonably set and off I went....Binging on Spenser is the best binge in the world.


I have several favorite episodes...some made me laugh, others made me cry. The funny? The two shows with Sal Viscuso as Sammy Backlin. These two shows were hilarious! The Road Back where Spenser is shot and there is a chance he may never use his right arm again...many tears! Sleepless Dream was another good episode that I couldn't figure out whether to laugh or cry so I did a little of each!


I'm hoping there are others on this forum who are Spenser fans also so we can chat about probably my most favorite show and actor ever!!!! Remember the first season can be streamed on IMDB for free! I wonder if anyone kept track of how many windshields and windows were shot out in the three years this series was on?

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Loved Robert Urich and this show!  I think this one and Vegas were the only ones that lasted 3 seasons.  Most of his other shows didn't last more than a season, at most.  I liked the relationship with Hawk and of course, Susan.  I am trying to remember - wasn't Susan's character written out cause the producers underestimated her popularity?  They did bring her back though.

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On 2/15/2020 at 5:32 PM, scorpio1031 said:

wasn't Susan's character written out cause the producers underestimated her popularity?

Yes, she was written out of the second season when they brought Rita Fiori in. Done rather abruptly and without warning. I actually like Spenser and Rita...a very different kind of couple but she never quite connected with most people. Realizing their mistake, they brought Susan back for what turned out to be the last season. Again, no mention of why Rita was gone. I have read that when they filmed the 4 movies, she was again in the show but since only Spenser and Hawk were the only original actors in them, it was quite different. (The movies were filmed in Canada not Boston.) One of the things I really liked about the original series was the fact that they used Boston and when it snowed, it really snowed! 

I have just started watching Vega$ which I watched way back when also. Am only on the second show so I'm not sure how much I will like it but since Robert Urich is in it, I probably will!

Remember if you want to watch the first season of Spenser, it is available for free on IMDB!

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