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Speculation Without Spoilers

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This poor topic was so bare had to post something.  How long do you think we hear the words "Back in the Day", Nefarious, Organic or mythology once the new season starts.  Betting we don't go past week one without hearing 2 or more of these "Hinkey" over used terms  IMHO

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After starting this thread I have totally been hanging out in the spoiler folder! (Shame!)

But I can tell you that "new Mythology" is being thrown all over the place by Marlowe and Amann. No Organic yet.


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Ok Thinking like Marlowe, (Gosh that is awful) Josh D goes to a Bar once he reads about RC and Kate's engagement, drowning his sorrows at the bar where next to him sits Will Sorenson, doing the same, two drunks start a conversation and discover they lost the same girl to the same guy, so they hatch a plan.  Sorenson has the Black escalade he was shot in now, so they decide to teach Rick a lesson, they run him off the road and take him hostage to an abandoned farm house, where Rogan used to hang out, and Josh drugs him with mind altering drugs, When they sober up they think WTH, so they take him back near the house and dump him on the beach, he wakes up and staggers into the pool at his house, (Recycle Reuse old scripts) where the Sargent who is Acting Chief since Brady shot himself by accident and is out on medical leave, takes over the investigation, End of Epd 1

Andrew if you wanted comedy, you should have written another show, 

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