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Nick and Vanessa: Why Them? Who Knows!

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3 minutes ago, PityFree said:

These two have taken so many crappy hosting jobs that I really doubt anyone remembers how they even got famous in the first place. 

I know them from Dancing with the Stars, that's about it. I guess they are ON TV!

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On 2/15/2020 at 12:43 PM, calpurnia99 said:

Has Vanessa's face always looked like this? She looks like an ad for bad plastic surgery.

I asked myself--out loud!--"Has Vanessa Lachey always been cross-eyed??"

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I can't even hate. I respect their hustle. As bland and kind of annoying as they are, they're still in the game, and this show is turning out to generate a good amount of buzz. Their manager must be semi-decent to keep them as semi-relevant as they are, what with the amount of years that have gone by since Nick and Jessica, and Vanessa's VJ days. 

Though I did roll my eyes when Nick was like "And of course, I'm Nick Lachey." 

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