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S13.E06: Off the Chain

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I too liked a few of the results, but many of them left me thinking, "Really? You want that on your body?"  I can say I learned that one of the key things in a neon tattoo is thinking about the light source.  If I took a drink every time Nunez said "light source", I would be hospitalized. 

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As a fan of Team Midwest, I cringed when they won the flash challenge because it seems that, more often than not, the team giving out the skull picks is usually on the losing end.  You'd think that it would get to the point where teams biff the flash challenge on purpose.

I was wondering whether they meant to give Jason's skull tattoo to Jimmy and vice versa, but I ended up loving Jimmy's tattoo.  That and Jerrell's rose were probably my favorites.

I was sad to see Jordan go, but we didn't hear her canvas' ask and I had no idea that was a baseball bat, it seemed like Christmas lights wrapped around a champagne flute.  I would have loved to hear the logic (?) behind the canvas' vision.

Even so, I would have rather had that than the unreadable mess that was Jordi's piece (again, we didn't hear what the canvas actually wanted).  I'm always a bit surprised when they call him by name because he's a dead ringer for Scott Ian and, in my mind, he's Scott.

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On 2/14/2020 at 5:15 AM, KATBOW said:

I thought Jordi's tattoo was the worst, but of course they couldn't leave one person on Team South.  

I am finding more often how judging decisions are based on getting entertainment rather than merit.  I think mid west won the flash challenge so they could "get revenge" on the west.  I thought the mid west and the south pieces was poor and shouldn't have been in contention.  I think it should have been out of the west and east, and east should have won.  But that didn't make a good as a story line.


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