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S45.E13: RuPaul/Justin Bieber

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35 minutes ago, heatherchandler said:

Are we sure it was a "Designing Women" sketch?  I don't think it was, I think they were just southern women.

It was an homage - the line "So you know, and your children will know, that that's the night the lights went out in Georgia" is a famous line from Designing Women


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I know Bieber was pale, but he did not look good here. I know he admitted to health problems recently, but who are his hanger ons that said that was a good look? It certainly wasn't. He looked aged and tired, despite being in his 20s.

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23 minutes ago, Princess Sparkle said:

It was an homage - the line "So you know, and your children will know, that that's the night the lights went out in Georgia" is a famous line from Designing Women


I think that line has been used in a song, too.  I just don't see this as having anything to do with Designing Women, or I think they would have made it obvious.  Also, they were temps, at an office.  I just don't see it.

eta I can see that line being a nod to the show, but I don't think the ladies were supposed to be from the show.

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 They weren't specifically the characters from that show, but they were 100 percent a riff on them.   The clothes, the glasses, the accents (bad as they were), the ongoing rant about a social injustice and of course that line which is arguably the most well known speech Julia Sugarbaker gave...it all was inspired by Designing Women and Dixie Carter/Julia in particular.  This was DW the same way "Secret Word" was Password. 

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On 2/8/2020 at 11:01 PM, Robert Lynch said:

That tattoo on his neck and the pornstache look is so distracting. He looks like he smells, too. 



I agree.

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Cecily confirms the Designing Women connection here.

I haven't really been able to find a longer list of cut sketches but did see this:

In other news, the credits mentioned that Jim Downey was one of the writers for Update. Downey has written for SNL off and on from just about the earliest days, headwriting in the mid-90s, going on to write for Update and numerous political sketches; he also made a number of oncamera appearances (he was even a featured player in 79-80). He hasn't been involved with the show for 5-6 years. I thought Update seemed tougher and  funnier this episode - I assume he is one of the reasons why.

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57 minutes ago, Pete Martell said:


I haven't really been able to find a longer list of cut sketches but did see this:


Heidi and Ru drunk at a children's party debating if they are nurses? I would love to see that. Sounds bizarre and hilarious.

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I agree that the skits where Ru Paul was on his own (for the most part) were the best.  I didn't really care for the Designing women (did Julia Sugerbaker really get all up over a few dollars for wine?), charades (playing for money?  really?  who does that?), thirsty cops (sorry, I just don't find sexual harassment by cops funny) or old new york (it was ok, but the kate/aidy skits get a bit done).

I don't usually like the chad skits, but this one was good.  I loved reading the library skit, hilarious.

I was unexpectedly ok with Beiber.  Not my music, but I appreciate his dance moves.

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Another cut for time piece. Probably one of the strangest things I've seen on the show in a good number of years. I can see why it was cut, although I enjoyed the performances and I got some cheap laughs (mainly at "He has your father's penis." "Wait...what?")


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On 2/9/2020 at 1:22 AM, GoldenGirl90 said:

I don’t have much to add that hasn’t already been said, but I loveeeee me some mama Ru! I’m biased so I loved everything with RuPaul in it. 

       I thought it was very odd that they did not put that in the Monologue This Time ! Did they Cut that for Time ?

On 2/9/2020 at 1:36 PM, peeayebee said:

At first so did I.

Yes, I hadn't heard that meaning of "reading." I enjoyed this a lot.

I didn't pick up on that at all. I was wondering why Cecily and RuPaul were dressed from the 80s, but of course now that I think about it, Cecily did come across like Dixie Carter's character.

Had they done that before? I don't remember it. I didn't like it, though.

I love RuPaul. I've never watched his show, but whenever I see him on something, he is so entertaining and fun. I thought he did great thruout.

I also love Cathy Anne.

The Old New York Show sketch could have been a lot better. I like that weirdness, but something was off.

The Miner cut sketch also had some possibilities, but it wasn't executed very cleanly.

       They did Thirsty Cops with Seth Meyers being picked up by the Cops ! i can't remember whether the cops were Kate and Aidy OR Lesley and Maybe Ego ! I am sorry about not remembering the Cops ! Any Way, Seth thought he was being Harassed and This Time, There were Funnier Lines so it was just a Funnier Sketch !

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