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Too much Burgess

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I have never been a Burgess fan. I find her character uninteresting and annoying. I don't feel she brings much to the show. I would be happy with LESS Burgess, not more. Now we are probably going to be forced to watch her push Ruzek away, say the usual things about "you don't know what I'm going through," "you only wanted to be with me because of the baby," etc. And her droopy hound dog face will be out in full force. 

I'm not minimizing miscarriages in real life whatsoever. They are heartbreaking. It just seems that TV shows have a certain way of portraying stories around them.  

Please give me a good storyline that leaves personal lives out of it. Is that too much to ask for? And leave Burgess out of it.

I'll watch Grey's Anatomy for soap opera stories.

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Rather watch her eat a sandwich at her desk for 40 mins than anything Upton is in. That's who we need less of, much much less.

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