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[Picked Up] Battlestar Galactica (2022)

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Part of new original content for NBC's Peacock Streaming Service -- A revival of the modern Battlestar Galactica series, it’s being developed by Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail. The series is set within the sci-fi show’s mythology and explores a new story of humanity’s experiences after a devastating war with the android Cylons.

During a January 16 event announcing more details of the Peacock service, Esmail indicated that the series will address the modern political climate and the divisiveness of the current era.

According to Deadline, Esmail is a fan of the 2003 iteration of the show and reached out to that series’ creator, Ronald D. Moore, to get his blessing. Esmail has indicated the show won’t be a remake of Moore’s series, but is instead “a new story within the mythology while staying true to the spirit of Battlestar.”

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19 hours ago, aquarian1 said:

I'm against getting/paying for another streaming service, but this does intrigue me.  I'll have to keep an eye on this.

People with paid cable or satellite subscriptions get some version of Peacock for no additional subscription. Ad-free will be extra. 

It is not clear if the Peacock only content like this will be part of what cable subs get automatically. 

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We have news? Sort of? Extracts from a Simon Kinberg interview. They can't just post the whole thing, gotta drag it out. Anyway, the movie script is written and they're looking for a director. On actual show front, just that he's talking to Sam Esmail and there will be a connection between the two projects. So we have no idea what the actual story will be, other than Cylons blow up the colonies, chase surviving humans. Still, it does seem like things are stirring.

Spotted by Adam Whitehead.

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