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S03.E10: Blake & Kiersten

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I assumed this too.  She had someone text her at a certain time so she could pretend it was about her fake son for sympathy or as a reason to get out of there.  There's no way that kid was real. She changed the story on him so many times, that he was just sick, then that he was being admitted to the hospital, then that he was in the hospital.  Most mothers of real boys would be at home/the doctor's/the hospital with their sick son instead of filming for MTV.  


The first time she mentioned that he was sick, I turned to my DH and said "let me guess, he has Leukemia" since that seems to be the go-to disease for Catfishers to give their pretend family and friends.

Eh probably not even that. To me it sounded like her alarm was going off, not that anyone was actually texting her. But regardless, she's a lying liar who lies and I don't think she has a son.

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