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Issues around race will come up on Love After Lockup.  Primetimer does not tolerate racism.  We do allow respectful discussions of these issues.  Respectful means treating posters with civility.  It does not mean you have to agree with them.  

Part of civility is not accusing other posters of being racist.  You can disagree with their posts or explain why you see things differently.  You cannot say, "look you racist troll . . . " or "I think you're saying that because of racist thoughts".  That would be uncivil. 

Also, do not extrapolate the behaviors of the various folks we see on this show to members of like groups.  No one on Love After Lockup should be viewed as a representative  or exemplar of others of their race, gender, religion or any other group characteristic.  They are unique individuals with extremely poor decision-making skills, great ability to distort reality, and oft rebuffed sexual desires.

If you see a post that you feel is racist, please PM @PrincessPurrsALot or report it.  

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We understand there are many posters who watch both 90 Day Fiance and Love After Lockup.  However, it's not everyone.  So please make sure your post is about LAL when on this forum.  A little cross over chat is fine, but only speaking about 90DF adds unnecessary confusion. We have enough clueless chucklefucks on LAL.  We don't need to import then from elsewhere.  Thanks!

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Please review Primetimer's Inclusion Policy prior to posting.  

Under this policy we do not allow body shaming.  This means we do not allow negative comments about people solely based on their size or body type nor do we allow the usage of slurs that are often thrown at very large or very slender people; e.g., fatty, pig, anorexic.  You are allowed to comment on whether you find someone attractive or unattractive.  The issue arises when physical characteristics are then associated with negative personality. 

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