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Lego Masters (USA)

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16 hours ago, NeenerNeener said:

I'm glad that Will announced that the Finesse/Nathalie team was getting a 10k donation to their charity too, even though they never won a challenge.

I see there was an "In Memorium" for Leslie Jordan at the beginning of the first episode, and I guess I missed it. It was bittersweet seeing him in these episodes, knowing he would be gone soon after.

I feel like they should have won the toy challenge over Robin, so glad that they received some money.

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 If Boone works for Lego in Denmark, I assume Amy and Jamie are his coworkers so I side-eyed that one.   I know it's a celeb/charity thing, but still.

 Robin was clearly not into the holiday clothes theme.  In the first episode he had on some plaid adjacent shirt that he took off for the interview segment.   By the third episode he was just wearing denim which had nothing to do with the plaid theme he and Boone had been assigned.  I wouldn't be surprised if he threw a bit of a diva fit about it.

 I thought the snow globe was a cool idea for a challenge.   Mel and Dom's both required being up close to see all the detail and but I thought Mel's had more going on (or less negative space, as the judges like to say) and would have put it in the top two.   But in that challenge Boone's was the clear winner. 

 I wonder if the next celeb version will be holiday-themed as well.  


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On 12/22/2022 at 10:18 PM, FnkyChkn34 said:

MY DVR cut off the last few minutes because of President Zelenskyy addressing Congress, and I don't want to go find it on streaming - who won the snowglobe challenge? (And therefore the whole thing, I guess?)

Boone and Robin won first place in the snowglobe contest, so they won the trophy. Dom and Cheryl were second, Nathalie and Finesse third and Mel and Leslie fourth. They gave Nathalie and Finesse’s charity $10 grand since they had not won any prize money, so everyone got something. 

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On 12/15/2022 at 5:24 AM, NeenerNeener said:

When they said "24 hour build" did those people really stay up for 24 hours straight, or did  they do this in two 12 hour shifts? I'd be completely incoherent and barely able to stay awake after 24 hours without sleep.

This is what some people from Lego Masters Australia have said, I'm sure it's very similar for the US.


"People keep asking does each episode get filmed for 15 hours straight? And no, not really. It's done over a whole week," he said.

"How it works is say it's a 15-hour build, we'll do the build over two days. You might do nine hours the first day and six hours on the second day. And then we do all of our interview inserts, where they take you back through the process and they do the pickups for the interview, because they can't break you out of the build."



Do they get breaks?

They sure do. But there are strict rules about what contestants can and can't do during their breaks.

"For example, the make and shake build, that was an eight hour build, but it was a 10-hour day of filming with breaks for lunch in the middle and during those breaks you have no access to anything," Jay said.

"As you arrive on set, you put your phone in your little locker and you don't get it back until afterwards. You can't look at any reference material. You can't even talk about it to your partner, you can't come up with any ideas, you can't look up anything.

"They're very strict about that. [The producers] are there the entire time [during the break] and if you start to mention anything about the build, they say 'Don't talk about it'."



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On 9/23/2022 at 5:40 PM, ShelleySue said:

While waiting for this season to start I watched three seasons of Lego Masters Australia (and the UK version, but I try to purge that from my brain) on Tubi. Now all I can think of is how much I miss Hamish and wish he could come here and replace Will Arnett. I also wish they would show more of the details of the actual completed builds instead of the animations. I’d like to see what they really look like up close. 

Thank you for letting us know the non-US versions are available on Tubi.  I watched the UK version first (based on your . . . lack of enthusiasm), then gladly moved on to the Australian version.  I've just started Season Two. 

I do enjoy Will Arnett, unlike many here, but Hamish is a lovely, mellow host and the Australian version definitely shows more of the actual builds. 

I also dislike the US animations - I want to see Lego builds, not CGI representations of what the cameras could actually capture!  (The Australian version occasionally includes sound effects like party sounds, which is fun but not intrusive, especially since they don't use them often.)

Thanks again for pointing me to Tubi - I never would have found the Australian version without your direction. 

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