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S01.E07: Activewear

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9 hours ago, Megan said:

Well that answers my question about what happens when Angelo has to sew.


I knew he would be eliminated once he had to actually sew. Imagine now how much stuff and how fast his partner had to actually work the entire time!!! Insane! He even had to supervise him the whole time on top during anything as he couldn't even cut the pattern correctly. That was just wrong. Doesn't matter how nice person he is. 

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I'm wondering about the math on the double elimination. They skipped an 'aufing earlier, meaning two stayed who wouldn't have. Now we have just one extra auf. Seems like there's still another double elimination necessary if we are to believe that the reprieve on the streetwear challenge was "real."

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I wasn't paying a ton of attention to this episode, because next to street wear active wear is the type of clothing that bores me the most. However, it was interesting to see how everyone worked solo.

One of my favourites was Charles's design - I thought the coat looked absolutely gorgeous, and it was great to see him soar once he was un-yoked from Angelo.

And Daniel. Sigh, he also excelled sans partner. It was smart of him to choose an activity he was familiar with and do  a fresh take on it. His finishing is always gorgeous - you could even see the detail on the edges of his scarf. Glad he won the challenge.

  • Angelo - funny and sweet, but absolutely useless at actually constructing or sewing anything - i knew he'd be eliminated quickly once he went solo.
  • Carli - Buh bye. Had no sympathy and won't miss her and her hot temper. She was so unpleasant that as I was watching, I briefly wondered if off camera she might be abusive to the people in her life.

I kind of wish they were finishing the show with evening gowns which are always my favourite, instead of the last two (denim? military?) which don't have me too excited.

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Didn't love any of it, so I'm OK with Daniel winning.

I finally noticed that people are wearing the same clothes in every one of their interviews, so they must have filmed them all in one day.

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Angelo is a lovely man but had no business being on a show where people make clothes. I hate when it’s obvious that a casting is about personality and not abilities. He’s been very open about his technical limitations, so I doubt he pretended otherwise during the auditions. So they gave him a spot that could have been given to a capable designer and foisted him on a partner who would have to do all the heavy lifting for half the season. It truly sours me on the show, which is unfortunate because, like I said, Angelo seems like a lovely person. 

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Maybe my eyes are bad but it seemed the contestant with the bashed-in face was miraculously healed by this episode?


Angelo is a hoot and I would love him as a friend.

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I think Carli's a good designer but didn't really notice how, at times, she could be so rude to Daniel; either he's a really good-natured gentleman or they truly had a great friendship despite her tantrums. It seemed to me that she was carrying him through the challenges given her exasperation, but it's clear he's more than capable by himself. Anyway, I'm glad my boyfriend Daniel won.  

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On 3/2/2020 at 10:52 AM, charliesan said:

It seemed to me that she was carrying him through the challenges given her exasperation,

It seemed obvious after this episode, it wasn't a case of her carrying him at all but her temper/impatience/negativity clashed with his more mellow and calm approach. So when she was freaking out on him, it wasn't because he didn't know what he was doing but her having her usual melodramatic freakouts.

Daniel seems more than capable of shining all his own. Not only did he rock the challenge, he gave the helpful advice to Minju to go for black underwear versus the brown she was using in her piece, because it would stand out better and he was right. 

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How did we not know until episode seven that Ashton was a child model AND a backup hip hop dancer for a Filipino boy band?!

I feel like we got so much more back story on the designers in this episode. Angel was a ballet dancer! Charles has a sister who's a kick boxer! Daniel's parents worked in nuclear power!

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I was totally cracking up at Alexa and Tan's American vs European pronunciation of Adidas.

Normally I love seeing behind the scenes stuff but I loathe the pointless backstage lights and someone counting down "3, 2, 1" before the models enter the runway.

Carli was kind of a whiner in earlier episodes but this week we saw just how much Daniel was helping to keep her negative Nelly attitude to a minimum. I get that activewear isn't what you normally do and you're frustrated but gah. I can't imagine having to listen to her bitch and moan all day. She was just so sour and cranky, and she was being pissy with the model as if it was somehow her fault that she was wearing a hideous outfit.

I always feel for the hair and makeup people when the designers give them descriptive moods instead of saying specific things like "slicked back ponytail" or "smoky eye with red lips." Daniel telling the team "imagine he's gone rowing at 5 o'clock in the morning in cold England" made me wish the makeup and hair people would say, "It's not my job to imagine anything. Just tell me how you want his hair and makeup done."

I hated the concept of Ashton's look because why would you go have a meeting with a client right after you went to the gym? First of all, don't schedule a client right after the gym. If you're going to be dumb enough to do that, have decent enough time management skills to budget some time for a shower. I don't need you coming to a meeting sweaty and stinky. Adding sleeves to your workout outfit isn't going to cover that funk. I agreed with the judges who said that this design wasn't next level and that you could buy it in a store now.

Angel's ballet inspired leotard was colorful but it wasn't my favorite. I agreed with whichever judge said that the weird headband and styling weren't great. I didn't like the shape of the cropped blue vest.

I didn't really like Angelo's sports bra, but I liked the pattern he created for the pants fabric.

Minju's swimsuit was cute but I didn't know why the judges LOVED it because it was really just a leotard. I did like the dramatic waterproof cape though and her styling was good.

Marco's wrestling singlet was not interesting to me. I agreed with the judge who said the pop of neon was the only interesting thing about it.

I LOVED the kickboxing outfit that Charles designed. I loved the black and white top, the shorts with the snaps, and the jacket. This was by far my favorite look on the runway.

Carli's outfit looked sloppy and unflattering but also unnecessarily complicated. Every choice made had me asking WHY?

The only thing I liked about Daniel's rowing outfit was the color choices. I liked the turquoise and red contrasting with the black and white. But other than that, it was just a unitard with white shorts. Maybe I'm biased from years of dance, but Daniel's, Marco's, and Minju's designs were what have been available for decades.

No surprise that Carli and Angelo were eliminated. They both had pretty significant issues with both their designs and their execution. I'm glad Angelo's sunny attitude continued even when he was cut.

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I LOVED the kickboxing outfit that Charles designed. I loved the black and white top, the shorts with the snaps, and the jacket. This was by far my favorite look on the runway.

Me too! The judges have their favs and it’s obvious... Daniel, Minju & Angel. I thought Angel’s “dance” outfit was hideous and looked cheap and how is adding underpants to a too-high cut swimsuit good design (not to mention she had no support built in for the girls - wasn’t that something they bitched about regarding Kiki?) I see you, double standards...

Daniel’s outfit was well made and had nice colors, but I feel Charles was flat out robbed! 

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Not too much to say about this one except hello, producer manipulation! Suddenly, after challenge after challenge with an inability to do anything except cover the models with yards and yards of fabric (even in the lingerie challenge), Angel and Minju are masters of the leotard. I feel used.

I thought Daniel's winning look was striking as a runway look, but not really functional. Charles' kickboxing look was sexy and functional and great! The design brief again was muddled. Did they want runway or something people would actually wear?

I was surprised to see Carli crash and burn so spectacularly.

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